Exposing {PROBABLY THE MOST} Blatant Penny Stock Promoter {AT THIS TIME}

{Recent} weeks {have already been} insane in penny stock land as {Many of} my top trading challenge students have blasted through milestones, this great trader just passed $6 million in profits, this {son} just passed $2 million and is closing in on $900,000 in profits {in only} the last {a few months} (hit me up here for a deal on his new guide), {which} up and comer just passed $100,000**…and {a lot more than} just the $ they make, they’re entirely self-sufficient and they’re profiting from {a variety of} great penny stock patterns {which are} proving themselves {again and again} with solid consistency {at this time}.

(FYI This pattern {and today} {that one} too {will be the} 2 patterns working best {for me personally} {at this time})

Get inspired by these top trading challenge students of mine and realize they study their butts off to earn such crazy dollar amounts {rather than} forget {that a lot of} traders lose {and that means you|which means you} must do {whatever you} can, {and much more}, {in order to avoid} being {yet another} statistic.

And that brings me to today’s point as {some individuals} ask “Tim, I hear ya, but what do I study…isn’t making {huge amount of money} in the {currency markets} {nearly} trading hot stocks and hot picks?”


{You won’t ever} {turn into a} millionaire following {other people} and their picks or “hot stocks”, just ask {the countless} non-millionaires who claim to be teaching {nowadays}, all they do is {select a} low float stock and {make an effort to} pump it up as high as possible…the only thing that works consistently with that strategy is betting against/short selling the chat pumps like those!

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And their “students” don’t make millions {as time passes} because they’re not learning {how exactly to} pick stocks and make solid trading plans themselves, they’re just dumb monkeys following other people’s picks….that’s why my top trading challenge students and I show EVERY trade we make, year in year out, {not only} some BS photoshopped screenshot pretending to be profitable {just like the} many fakers {in my own} industry (it’s good to be real {within an} industry {filled with} scammers)

So do yourself a favor and study up {so that you can} become self-sufficient, see this 11-hour guide {which} penny {trading} basics guide…then if you’re {sincere about} about your education, definitely devour this MUST READ penny {trading} book.

You’ll learn what’s real and what’s not…and {I simply} made this video exposing a lousy penny stock promoter {to assist you} understand what’s not real {and just why} penny stock “hot stock picking” is {this type of} joke.

Many will ask what promoter {that is} and {the solution} {could it be} doesn’t matter…they’re {yet}, {even though} this one’s disclaimer is oddly honest/blunt so it’s {a lot more} important {you realize} {the guidelines} of {the overall game} than {anybody} hot stock or {anybody} penny stock promoter and {I’d like} {one to} leave a comment underneath {this website} post {in the event that you} {recognize that}!

(we’ve also transcribed this video lesson below for my valued deaf trading challenge students so enjoy!)


Hey, Tim Sykes here. {Many thanks} {for all your} well wishes. I’m feeling better, got {just a little} sick. I’m in Asia {focusing on} {many of} my charities, and the {currency markets} is open {at} {forever}, so I’m, like, staying up {forever}, doing charity and having some adventures {throughout the day}. It {swept up} with me. I’m sorry, but I’m back. I slept, like, 11 hours {yesterday evening}. {Personally i think} good. {Too much to} discuss now {prior to the} weekend, first, {I will} mention this Profitly sale. {That is} for my birthday sale, for my 37th birthday {a couple of days} ago. {That is} ending {in just a few days}, so {make the most of|benefit from} it. I’ll post {a web link} {just underneath} this video. {It is possible to} save {a huge amount of} money on newsletters and guides, which so {a lot of} you guys {have to be} watching, especially my latest guide, “PennyStocking Framework Part Deux,” {explains} {all the} best patterns that I see {at this time}. And “Trading Tickers,” {that is} Tim Grittani’s guide. He just crossed 6 million in profits. {He’s got} to upload, but he made $50 grand {last week} on… {That which was} that, that amazing play? I can’t even think. It got crushed. Oh, CHEK. It got crushed now, but he rode that up nicely.

First, {i want to} {discuss} FUSZ, because I’m seeing {lots of|plenty of} chatter {concerning this}. I’ve been dip buying it {many times}, just made another few hundred dollars on Thursday dip {purchasing the} morning panics. {It is a} classic pump-looking chart. I’m sorry to {function as} bearer of bad news. {I understand} there’s {many people} who {have confidence in} this. They’re like, “Oh, Oracle. Oh, {the corporation} is gonna {ensure it is}.” Listen you schmucks, {fine}, this stock is up from 10 cents, went {around} $3. {You have} your freakin’ 30 times your price. {After all}, that’s best case scenario {for just about any} penny stock. Now, it’s crashing 50% {in a few days}, {exactly like} so many pumps before. {Plus some} people just, {you understand}, they’re not accepting of it. I posted this thing, {you understand}, comparing FUSZ to these marijuana stocks that I warned {in regards to a} {couple of years} ago. {You understand}, {each one of these} people {just like the} Wolf of Weed Street and {each one of these} fucking idiot newbies believed in these {very cheap stocks} that were {involved with} weed, saying, “{This time around} is different. {This time around} {differs}.” No, it wasn’t different, {also it} was {sort of} interesting, the Wolf of Weed Street and I were both getting followed around by this writer for “Men’s Journal.” Please, please read this post {in the event that you} haven’t already. {You understand}, the writer didn’t {know any thing} about stocks, and he wasn’t biased at all. {Actually}, he actually thought that I was {filled with} BS {initially}. He believed in the Wolf of Weed Street, {and}, {you understand}, once I started telling him, “Wait {one minute}. {They are} what pumps do. {For this reason|That is why} it’s so predictable. The Wolf of Weed Street {is a} fucking dumb newbie.” {And} I was proven right.

{Which means this} {is going on} again {with one of these} pumps like FUSZ. It’s so sad {each and every time|each time}. You know, {individuals} {that are} believing in {the corporation} {believe that|believe} I’m, like, lying. They {believe that|believe} I’m evil. They {include} {all sorts of} names. {That one} guy has been tweeting me, and he says, {you understand}, he calls me a punk and he says that I’m, “supposedly representing {the normal} guy, literally relishing {within their} blood, letting desire {within their} misery.” I don’t {even understand} {what this signifies}. He can’t speak proper English, but I don’t relish in anybody {losing profits}. I just {need to be} cruel to be kind, {as you} fucking idiots people, like, don’t {obtain it} until I’m mean. Like, I say, “Don’t buy this stock. It’s a pump,” {and} the stock {rises} and they’re like, “Sykes, {you’re} wrong.” Pumps do {rise} for {a small amount of} time, and I gotta give props to the FUSZ’s promoters. They’ve done {an excellent} job. Good job, promoters. {However now} it’s crashing, {which} guy {is certainly going} down, {you understand}, down. And it’s sad, he’s, like, {attempting to} {talk about} how Oracle and FUSZ supposedly {involve some} deal. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. {Even though} they do, I guarantee that FUSZ will, {you understand}, screw it up, as {each one of these} {very cheap stocks} do.

{Which} {may be the} sad part, {he} {comes with an} average price of, {you understand}, 277, and {he’s got} 22…I don’t know whether {he’s got} $22,000 or 22,000 shares. {In any event}, he’s down {near} 50%. And he said, “Just had my portfolio reinfused with NETE win.” Well, NETE is another pump, so {a minumum of one} pump is {working out for you}. But he’s saying, “Market makers getting richer, poor getting poorer, {which means this} is my objection.” It’s not {the indegent} getting poorer, it’s the dumb getting poorer, {you understand}? And it’s…I guess {it really is} kind of {the indegent} getting poorer, because most {the indegent} are pretty dumb. {Plus they} {can transform} it, {you understand}? That’s why I’m {causeing this to be} video {to assist you} guys learn what pumps are like. {I wish to|I would like to} {demonstrate} the disclaimer {of the} pump that {I simply} found, this pumper. It doesn’t even matter who the pumpers are, FYI. {Lots of|Plenty of} you guys are like, “What pumper {must i} follow?” Don’t follow {some of} them, they’re all {filled with} shit. You don’t know {once you} {join} their, {you understand}, “free {mailing lists}” if you’re {likely to} {maintain} their first mailing, or second mailing, or third, or fourth mailing. The pump game has changed {through the years}, you know? {A couple of years} ago, {many of} my top students, {you understand}, really gamed it nicely where {they might}, like, change their settings. Like, Michael Goode has webinars {concerning this} for the trading-challenged students, where he changed his Gmail settings, and he {could easily get} the pumps {sooner than} other people. {Therefore} him and Tim Grittani both made {lots of money} just buying pumps {if they} were being pumped very {in early stages}, {and you also} could ride the pumps.

Now, {the overall game} has changed, so {even though you} do {subscribe}, {even though you} do tweak your emails, you’re probably on, like, the fourth email list, or the sixth email list. {You understand}, the promoters have {sort of} muddied the waters. {What’s} interesting though is that the promoters {have grown to be} more comedic {within their} disclaimers. {You understand}, obviously {all of the} promoters, {to become} in business {nowadays}, {they need to} use these disclaimers saying, “Look, we’re being paid {to market} these stocks.” But nowhere in the legal world {is there} to say, {you understand}, {we need to} be funny {about any of it}, {nevertheless, you} know, these promoters are putting out some pretty funny disclaimers. It’s {sort of} hard to be mad at them, {even though you} lose {all of your} money following their bullshit. {That is} funny, so I’m just {likely to} read {several} passages, “Investors should read this disclaimer. Remember, {once the} campaign ends, the stock of the profiled issuers will crash. {That are} we and what do we do? {We have been} paid advertisers, {also called|also referred to as} stock touts or stock promoters who disseminate favorable {information regarding} publicly traded companies.” {And} {they state}, “Will everyone {have the} information {simultaneously}. No. {The info} may be {delivered to} potential investors at {differing times} {which are} minutes, hours, days, {as well as} weeks apart.” {That’s where} they’re admitting {there are} multiple {mailing lists}. {Understand this}, and they’re {discussing}, like, how they manipulate stocks. “How {may be the} potential investor impacted if he receives {the info} later than others? Typically, the trading volume and price of a stock,” {that people} pumped, “increases…” {pardon me}, “{following the} information is provided to {the initial} {band of} investors. Therefore, the later an investor receives {the info} {the much more likely} it is {he} {are affected} increased trading losses if he purchases the securities.” So they’re basically saying {in the event that you} {register with} our email list, {we cannot} guarantee you that you’re {likely to} be first, and because if you’re not first, you’ll probably {lose cash}.

{Understand this}. “{Exactly what will} {eventually} the shares {that people} hold {through the} campaign? {We shall} sell the shares we hold, while we tell investors {to get} {through the} campaign.” So they’re basically admitting that they’re {likely to} be lying {for you}. “{Exactly what will} happen {once the} campaign ends? Most, {or even} all, are {very cheap stocks} {which are} illiquid and whose securities are wide fluctuations. {Through the} campaign, the trading volume and price {will probably} increase. {Once the} campaign ends, {the quantity} and price of the profiled {will probably} decrease dramatically.” {You understand}, “{Consequently|Because of this}, investors who purchase {through the} campaign and hold shares, {once the} campaign ends, {will most likely} lose most, {or even} all, {of these} investment.” I agree, {you understand}? This promoter is dead-on. {I really like} this. “Why do we only publish favorable information? We only publish favorable information because {we have been} compensated {to create} only favorable information.” So if somebody paid them {to create} non-favorable information, they’ll publish the negative information too. {Understand this}. “Why don’t we publish negative information? We don’t publish negative information because {we have been} not paid {to create} negative information. {We have been} paid {and then} publish favorable information.” Like, {that is} hilarious that, A, {that is} true, but B, {the truth that} they’re just admitting it. “{May be the} information complete, accurate, truthful, or reliable? No, {the info} {is really a} snapshot that only provides positive information. {The info} {includes} only positive content. We {usually do not} {and can} not publish any negative {information regarding} the profiled issuers. So investors {should think about} {the info} to be one-sided {rather than} balanced, complete, accurate, or reliable.”

“What do we not do? We {usually do not} verify or conform any {part of} {the info}. We {usually do not} conduct any {homework}, nor do we research. We {usually do not} review the conditions, operations, business models, or anything. Where does {the info} come from? {The info} is provided from us from {the one who} hires us. If we say we make stock picks, are those picks {our very own}? No, {they’re} not. {We have been} compensated {to market} the securities {we have been} told {to market}. {Exactly what will} happen if an investor {depends on} {the info}? If an investor {depends on} {the info}, the investor {will eventually lose} most, {or even} all, {his / her|their} investments. Investors {shouldn’t} rely on {the info} {to create} an {financial commitment}.” {And} they {enter}, like, who compensated us and {things like} that. And they’re {simply} saying, like, {we have been} the worst {visitors to} listen to. {Understand this}. “What conflicts of interest…? {We have been} not objective or independent. The profiled issuers and parties hiring us have conflicts of interest.” {After all}, like… “{Exactly what will} {eventually} the shares {that people} hold {through the} campaign?” They already even posted this. They’re posting it again {for those who} didn’t read it. “{We shall} sell the shares we hold while we tell investors {to get}.” {After all}, {that is} so wrong on so many levels, {yet} it’s also pretty funny. Anyways, “We’re not {in charge of} any losses. Why are we disclosing this? Because {we need to}, because it’s {regulations}. {Do you know the} risks?” Like, {and} they {get yourself a} {bit more} boring, {a bit more} legal towards {underneath}.

{Nevertheless, you} know, it’s just pretty hilarious {they} go into {all this}. So don’t {join} {these} free, {you understand}, newsletters. {Previously|During the past}, they’ve actually been good {to join up}, {as you} could’ve been first. Now, they’re specifically saying {that you’ll} {not likely} be first, and there’s {no chance} to be first anymore {with one of these} plays. And again, {even though you} are first, {you understand}, most pumps aren’t working {nowadays}. So FUSZ {is really a} pump, congratulations to promoters. I wish {there have been} shares to short, but I haven’t found any, {therefore i} will continue dip buying on the panics, {each morning} panics. {That is} my main strategy {recent} days, weeks, months, years. I don’t just dip buy panics on pumps, I also dip buy panics on earnings winners. I had {an excellent} dip buy right in here, Travelzoo, {that is a} former supernova, reported good earnings. {And you may|And you will|And you could} see here, the stock spiked up from the sevens {completely} {in to the} nines, {and also} it got {around} nine pre-market. And right at {the marketplace} open, it dipped. {This is} on Wednesday, {also it} dipped from nine to, like, 8.20. I actually got executed roughly 1000 shares {the following} at 8.25, perfect dip buy. And I recognize it as a former supernova {in order that it} {can keep} going. {Affirmed}, it did. {After all}, I sold it {within} the high eights, I made my few hundred bucks. I was happy, I had a fever. I was sick as shit. {I simply} wanted {to visit} sleep, but I saw my pattern. {And today}, {you understand}, it’s at 10.60, so roughly $2.40 a share higher from where {I purchased} it, but dip buys are my thing. FUSZ, my latest dip buy {onto it} was into this panic. I actually had two buys. {The initial} one, I was {a touch too} early. {The next} one, was better, {but nonetheless} not perfect. It actually had {a good} bounce in the afternoon. So dip buys {aren’t} always {likely to} be perfect, but {at the very least} they’re, {you understand}, less risk, {I believe}, and better reward, {instead of} trying to {depend on} these comedians, these…

Maybe these promoters {want to} be comedians. I don’t {realize why} {they might} be so funny, and it’s funny {if you ask me} because {I understand} {the overall game}, and {Personally i think} {sort of} happy that {I understand} {the overall game}, but {Personally i think} {sort of} sad that, {you understand}, {a lot of} you guys don’t {understand how} this game works. {THEREFORE I} {desire to} put this in {monochrome}. Like, treasurestocks, I don’t {value} Oracle, I don’t care if they’re {dealing with} Microsoft. None {of the} pumps will ever succeed, that’s {everything you} {need to} understand. Okay? {They are able to} have these deals, somehow there’s some loophole, some screw-up. Sometimes these pumps {try} celebrities, {you understand}, Shaquille O’Neal, Justin Bieber, Dez Bryant {I believe} was {one of these}. {After all}, there’s {a wide variety of} pumps {through the years}, and all {that you can do|that can be done} is {find out about} them, {you understand}, don’t {decrease} with the ship, {you understand}, not be an idiot, not {lose cash}. I’m sorry to be mean, but {I must} be, {you understand}, otherwise you’re just gonna keep {losing profits}. {Most of these} pot stocks, {each and every} person profiled, except me, {in this post}, because I was short, lost money, okay? {Plus they} lost {not only} {some cash}, they lost, like, {almost all} their money.

{If you} follow {the incorrect} strategy, {in the event that you} follow {the incorrect} people, {you’ll get} crushed. There’s {grounds} why I’ve been trading successfully {for just two} decades. {Hang on}. Sorry, {I acquired} distracted. {In the event that you} follow {the incorrect} strategies and {the incorrect} people, {you’ll get} crushed. Okay? I’m not perfect, {you understand}, I’m not, like, {I understand} everything. On TZOO and FUSZ, {After all}, I had some nice dip buys, I’ve been having some nice dip buys lately. That’s been my main strategy, but I didn’t make $50,000 {last week} like Tim Grittani did, {you understand}, on CHEK. I don’t know why it’s not {showing up}. I don’t know. My wifi’s {on / off}, {nevertheless, you} know, {if you need to|in order to} learn that pattern, {i quickly} highly suggest you watch “Trading Tickers.” {But additionally} understand that, {you understand}, with those big gains, and Dux has been having, like, $50,000 or $100,000 profits too lately. {If you prefer a} deal on Dux’s guide, email [email protected] But just {recognize that}, {if you have} these $50,000 to $100,000 profit days, {you understand}, these students started with {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} thousand dollars, {plus they} knew nothing {concerning the} markets, okay, they knew nothing about trading. Tim Grittani knew nothing about trading when he first started with me, what, seven {years back}. Dux knew nothing {concerning the} markets, he found me on Instagram, he liked my Lamborghini. Now, he’s made over $2 million, {plus they} developed {their very own} strategies, and that’s what {I’d like} {for you personally} guys too. {I’d like} {one to} develop {your personal} strategies, but {simultaneously}, use me as training wheels. {Start to see the} strategies and the patterns that I’m teaching you, {and begin} {to identify}, “Oh, {so how exactly does} this work? {You understand}, {how come} Tim dip buying these plays?”

{How come} this not {showing up}? Did I lose my wifi? Okay, there we go. CHEK was…maybe my website, my platform just doesn’t like CHEK. Oh, well. {The main point is} that, {utilize the} patterns that I teach, {and} {figure out how to} create {your personal}. And that’s what {I really like}, {you understand}, that’s what {I really like} most about all my top students, is {they} {study from} me {initially}, and then {each goes} off {plus they} create {all sorts of} things. So it’s beautiful. It’s {a lovely} game, there’s so much opportunity {at this time}. These promoters are hilarious. I’m still chuckling {concerning this}. {After all}, just {understand this}. Where was this? Like, “{Exactly what will} {eventually} the shares {that people} hold {through the} campaign? {We shall} sell the shares we hold while we tell investors {to get} {through the} campaign.” {That one} line is, like, {probably the most} honest thing any promoter has ever said, {also it} blows my mind, {you understand}, that they’re so upfront {about any of it}. But {that is} what’s happening with, {you understand}, {a lot of people} in {boards} and on {community forums}. Like, {for this reason|that is why} you can’t follow other people’s picks, you can’t follow other people’s alerts. {You have to be|You should be} prepared yourselves. {After all}, like on TZOO, by {enough time} I even got my alert out, {finished .} had already bounced. On FUSZ, it didn’t, but {I’d like} you guys learning {these things} {in advance}. {Many of} my top challenge students said, “Hey, Tim. {I like} {everything you} did with FUSZ, {as you} know, I was in the trade before you. I saw that pattern, I recognized it.”

TZOO was pretty damn fast, and I had {an edge} on TZOO because I recognized it as a supernova from {years back}, but {in the event that you} haven’t been trading for {that lots of} years, you don’t necessarily remember it. But that’s what this game {is about|is focused on}, okay? {To be remembered as} truly successful, {to be remembered as} my next millionaire student, you can’t {depend on} other people’s picks. You’re {likely to} {need to} learn the patterns yourselves, {and} you’re {likely to} have to {find out} which patterns you’re best at. {Perhaps you} like dip buying morning panics, like {I really do}. {Perhaps you} like shorting morning spikes, like Dux and Grittani do. {Perhaps you} like multi-day OTC breakouts. Just find patterns that work, {and} be {ready to} change, because sometimes a pattern works for {a bit} {and} it doesn’t work {the very next day}, or {another} week, or {another} month. So you’re {likely to} {need to} adapt. The {currency markets} is always {just like a|such as a} moving target, so don’t ever {believe that|believe} you’re ever {likely to} be perfect, you {likely to} {end up like}, “Ah, I {do not have} {to review} again.” You’re always gonna {need to be} adapting. {Having said that}, {you may also|you can even} avoid just, {you understand}, ignorant losses, and ignorance by, {you understand}, ignoring and/or laughing at promoters and their pumps.

FUSZ, {you understand}, I hope {they} {allow it} drop {even more}, {as the} bigger the panic, {the larger} a potential bounce. LRGR too, {I needed} {to create} up. {It is a} blatant pump {at this time}. {Understand this}. From under {someone to} six. Go promoters, go. {That is} gonna {be considered a} great dip buy when it crashes, {and when} {you could find|you will find|you will discover|you can get} shares to short, God bless you, because it’ll crash soon. I’ll see you guys in the chat room. Please, please, please {make the most of|benefit from} this sale. It’s ending May 1st, {and that means you|which means you} have {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} days. Cheers, guys. Shalom.

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