{Exactly what is a} Penny Stock Broker? [Infographic]

{You can observe|You can view} {the best} penny stock brokers HERE and all {I could} do is warn you about these bad brokers, but below {can be} {an awesome} infographic that explains {just what a} penny stock broker actually does:

what is a penny stock broker
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{If you need to|In order to} buy stocks, you can’t simply call {an organization} {and purchase} its shares. {You need to} deal with {a brokerage}. A broker {is really a} middleman who {focuses on} selling these shares. {A brokerage} {is definitely an} individual, a brokerage company, or an online platform. {Just what exactly} {is really a} penny stockbroker?

{A cent} stock broker runs the account that you’ll use to {sign in} and trade and {is in charge of} {ensuring} your shares are bought or sold {once you} place your orders.

{Who is able to} {be considered a} stockbroker?

{Not only} anyone {could be a} stockbroker. {To become} stockbroker, one must pass two exams which are administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc (FINRA): the Series 7 and the Series 63 exams.

{Forms of} brokers

{You can find} two key {forms of} brokers: full-service brokers, who provide services {such as for example} investment advice and retirement planning, and discount brokers, who offer more limited services but charge {significantly less}.

{How can you} {select a} penny stockbroker?

Some stock brokers {will attempt} to {ask you for} with hidden fees, including:

  • Mandatory Frequency of Trading
  • Annual Maintenance Fee
  • Charges Toward Withdrawal
  • Inactivity Fee
  • Minimum Brokerage Per Share Charges
  • Large Order Surcharges
  • Minimum {BALANCE}
  • Minimum Brokerage Per Order Charges
  • Surcharges For Low-Priced Stocks

Either {make sure to} read the {small print}, or {make sure to} {enquire about} these fees before you {invest in} {a brokerage}. It’s {far better} ask {immediately}, {instead of} being unpleasantly surprised {down the road}.

Other considerations {whenever choosing} {a cent} stock broker

{Along with} price, {examine these} things before signing on with {a brokerage}:

  • Volume Restrictions
  • Research and Analysis Tools
  • Short Selling Restriction
  • {CUSTOMER SUPPORT} Phone support

Finally, don’t forget to {discuss with} for reviews of particular brokers!

{Are you experiencing} {a cent} stock broker?

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