Before we {reach} the top {very cheap stocks} {to view} for March, {several} words of caution.

{The quantity of} crazy promotion activity on {social media marketing} finally got {the eye} of the SEC.  It suspended trading on {plenty of} OTCs {within the last} week of February.

After ending February with a down week, {the entire} market bounced back on March 1. The S&P 500 had its best day since June. I won’t {make an effort to} guess whether {it’ll} continue. But it’s {vital that you} {be equipped for} anything. {Adjust to} what {the marketplace} gives {instead of} {attempting to} impose your will {onto it}.

{Anything you} do, {create a} daily watchlist.

{Each day}, I {develop a} watchlist of five to 15 stocks {to view}. Then I {execute a} quick write-up of what I’m {searching for} {and just why} I’m watching the stock. The watchlist then {is out} to my students on Profit.ly.

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Let’s get {to} the {set of} top {very cheap stocks} {to view} in March 2021…

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Top 5 {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} {to view} for March 2021

All five of {the very best} penny stocks {to view} for March 2021 are OTCs. Given the recent halts, the OTC market isn’t {exactly like} {it had been} in February. But {you may still find} plenty {to view}.

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. (OTCPK: ASTI)

Ascent Solar Technologies develops thin-film photovoltaic modules. Think flexible {solar power panels}.

On March 1, Ascent Solar announced {it had been} selected by NASA to {be a part of} two flight demonstrations.

CEO Victor Lee said, “{We have been} thrilled to be {dealing with} {both} LISA-T and Solar Cruiser projects in transforming our lightweight CIGS PV {right into a} space-grade product […] being slated {because the} PV supplier on Solar Cruiser separates Ascent from {your competition} and puts us {in an exceedingly} unique position {in the market} to answer the mission-critical needs {of the} developing premium markets.”

ASTI closed up 107% on {the news headlines}.

Here’s the ASTI one-year chart:

I traded ASTI {since it} broke out {on the} morning {on top of} March 1. I sold {too early} – {a far more} convincing breakout happened roughly {half an hour} later. See {information on} my ASTI trade here.*

(*Please note: My {email address details are} {definately not} typical. Individual results {will change}. Most traders {lose cash}. I have {the advantage of} years of {effort}, dedication, and experience. Trading is inherently risky. Do your {homework} {rather than} risk {a lot more than} {it is possible to} afford {to reduce}.) 

ASTI {includes a} recent history of multi-day runs. {Because the} news catalyst is solid, I’ll {watch out for} morning spikes with big volume. I’ll also {watch out for} potential dip buys into any big panic.

iMD Companies Inc. (OTCPK: ICBU)

iMD Companies {is really a} holding company that {was previously} in mining, then hydroponics. Now it’s into crypto mining and investing.

ICBU spiked 66% on March 1 {following the} company announced it updated financials to OTCMarkets.

CEO Rick Wilson said, “{We have been} very {worked up about} our future at iMD, launching our new website and getting current {with this} financial and disclosure statements on OTC is our {first rung on the ladder}.”

Here’s the ICBU one-year chart:

I’m watching ICBU {for just about any} big morning panic to dip buy. But I’d {want to} {visit a} multi-day run first since it’s {this type of} low-priced stock.

SponsorsOne Inc. (OTCPK: SPONF)

SponsorsOne {can be an} influencer marketing and branding company. Its focus is driving consumers to online and offline stores through word-of-mouth marketing.

SPONF spiked on February 16 {once the} company announced {it had been} entering the direct-to-consumer spirits market.

On March 1, SponsorsOne announced initial retail orders {because of its} Doc Wylder’s brand.

CEO Myles Bartholomew said, “{The original} response from retailers and distributors for Doc Wylder’s has been {quite strong}. {The merchandise} is uniquely {situated in} the ‘Ready to Drink’ market, and the branding is equally {appealing to} male and female buyers. These orders represent {the beginning of} {the summertime} selling season {and you will be} on the shelves of liquor and {food markets} in April.”

SPONF closed up 34% on {the news headlines}.

Here’s the SPONF 1-year chart:

Five-letter tickers aren’t {the best}. {In this instance|In cases like this}, the F designates a foreign issue. {This implies} something {can happen} on a {forex} to affect the stock’s price in the U.S. That doesn’t mean I won’t trade a five-letter ticker, but I’m extra cautious.

SPONF needs more volume and, ideally, news {for me personally} to trade it. If {it could} {come up with} a multi-day run with big volume, I’ll {watch out for} potential dip buys into any big panic.

Cielo Waste Solutions Corp (OTCQB: CWSFF)

Cielo Waste Solutions refines municipal and construction waste into high-grade renewable fuels.

On February 23, {the business} announced its first significant sale of renewable fuels. CWSFF hit a 52-week {most of} $1.28 per share on March 1 before pulling {back again to} close at $1.01.

{The business} confirmed it wasn’t {alert to} any material changes “{that could} {take into account} the recent {upsurge in} market activity.” The stock {gets} {a huge amount of} promotion on Twitter.

{Browse the} CWSFF one-year chart:

Again, five-letter tickers aren’t {the best}. I’ll watch CWSFF {for just about any} big morning panic to dip buy. Ideally, it runs multiple days with news and volume first.

{The final} of my top {very cheap stocks} {to view} for March 2021 {is really a} lesson in penny stock pumps. {In case a} stock chart looks too good to be true, it is…

Oncology Pharma (OTCPK: ONPH)

Oncology Pharma develops, manufactures, and licenses therapeutics for cancer.

{The easiest method to|The simplest way to|The ultimate way to} understand ONPH’s recent rise and fall {would be to} {browse the} chart. {Whenever a} stock runs from $1 to $50 in five weeks almost perfectly, something isn’t right.

Here’s the ONPH one-year chart:

{As you can plainly see}, ONPH tanked on March 1. It dropped from $50 to $11.22 intraday. Then it bounced {a lot more than} 100% before closing down roughly 60%.

ONPH was {a good} short-selling opportunity. I don’t recommend shorting for newbies or {a person with} {a little} account. {It had been} also {a good} dip buy for traders with enough patience. I’ll {watch out for} now. It’s a possible dip buy if there’s another big panic, but there {must be} enough volume {to create} it worthwhile.

That’s it for {the very best} penny stocks {to view} for March 2021. {Below are a few} {tips about} choosing stocks {for the} watchlist. Also, some answers to frequently asked questions…

{How exactly to} Use This {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} Watch List

how to use this penny stock watchlist
Millionaire Media, LLC

{Remember that} my strategies involve trading {a few of the} fastest moving, most volatile stocks in {the complete} market. {Having said that}, {a few of the} stocks {with this} list {could possibly be} completely out of play by {enough time} you read this. (Yes, {even with} {only 1} day, stocks sometimes leave my list.)

{The main point is} … don’t {utilize this} list as {a sign} {to get} any stock. I don’t put stocks on my watchlist {predicated on} fundamentals. It’s not that I don’t look at fundamentals. But I’m not gonna lie {for you}. (Like so {a great many other} ‘top {very cheap stocks} to watch’ articles.) I won’t {tell you firmly to} buy and hold a stock because “{the marketplace} is undervaluing this stock.”

Frankly, that {sort of} thinking with {very cheap stocks} is … total BS. Most {very cheap stocks} fail. {Exactly like} most traders – roughly 90% – lose. So {utilize this} list – and {all of} my monthly {very cheap stocks} {to view} lists – as {an instrument} for {understanding how to} create {your personal} watchlist.


If you’re {completely new} to {very cheap stocks} a great {place to begin} {has been} my FREE penny stock guide.

{As soon as you} {feel the} entire guide, {It is advisable to} read “{THE ENTIRE} Penny Stock Course” {compiled by} my student Jamil (I wrote the forward). That book answers so many {of the very most} {faqs} that it blows my mind {more folks} haven’t read it.

With {the web} and online brokers, {it is possible to} trade {very cheap stocks} from {all over the world}. {So far as} {the essential} requirements, {you merely} {require a} decent laptop, solid Wi-Fi, and a trading account. But don’t be fooled into thinking you’re gonna succeed {in the event that you} jump right in.


Because 90%+ of traders lose. So be {ready to} {spend money on} your education – because {in the event that you} don’t, {the marketplace} {can make} you pay a {higher} price

Now for five {tips about how to} {pick the best} {very cheap stocks} to watch…

5 {Tips about how to} {Pick the best} Penny Stocks {to view}

Tip #1: {Search for} Big Percent Gainers

My {approach to} choosing which {very cheap stocks} {to view} always starts here. {By the end} {of each} day – and again in premarket – I {search for} {the largest} percent gainers. And that’s what I {concentrate on}. I’m not {thinking about} stocks that aren’t {on the road}.

{I take advantage of} StocksToTrade stock scanning software. With 40+ built-in scans – some {specifically made} for my strategies – it’s amazing right {out from the|from the} gate. Yes, {you may also|you can even} create custom scans. (Hint: {when you begin} {utilizing the} software there’s {a lot of} {video tutorials} {on how best to} set those up. {Make the most}.)

Tip #2: {Search for} Big Volume

{The next matter|The following point} {to consider} when choosing {the very best} penny stocks {to view} is trading volume. Sometimes a stock makes {a large} percent gain, {however the} trading volume {is indeed} low it doesn’t {seem sensible} to trade it. {Among the} top {very cheap stocks} {to view} this month, Rivex Technology, is tough to trade {as the} volume {is indeed} low.

So {when i} {discover the} big percent gainers, I organize them {in accordance with} trading volume. {Be familiar with} dollar volume traded, too. {In case you have|For those who have|When you have|Should you have} {a genuine} penny {trading} at 2 cents a share, {also it} trades one million shares, that’s still only $20K. {You need to be} meticulous.

Tip #3: {Search for a|Choose a} News Catalyst

{The next matter|The following point} I {search for} when choosing {very cheap stocks} {to view} is what’s {rendering it} move? {Will there be} a {news release} announcing {a fresh} contract? {Think about} positive earnings? In biotech and pharma {very cheap stocks} {you may} see news of {test outcomes}. Read this post {to find out more|for more information} about catalysts.

(Also read chapter II.7 Understanding Catalysts in “{THE ENTIRE} Penny Stock Course.” {In the event that you} {curently have} the book … it starts on page 183. {In the event that you} don’t {own it} … {obtain it} now.)

supernova placement

Tip #4: {Consider the} Long-Term Chart

When you’re {looking for} the best {very cheap stocks} {to view}, it’s {an easy task to} get fooled by one-day or one-time spikers. So look at long-term charts to see if the stock {includes a} history of multi-day runs or {went} supernova {previously|during the past}.

Which long-term charts? {As much as} you have time for, really. But {at least|at the minimum}, {consider the} one-year chart. {I love to} look back {after some duration} {based on the|according to the|with respect to the} stock and {the news headlines}. If the stock trades {a particular} way {once the} company announces {a large} contract, {I wish to|I would like to} know.

Tip #5: {Utilize the} Twitter Scanner on StocksToTrade

{This may} sound {just a little} strange if you’re {not used to} {very cheap stocks}. But if {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} understand which {very cheap stocks} to watch, {among the best} ways {would be to} see what others are watching. Or, more accurately, hyping.

Yes, Twitter {has turned into a} vehicle for influence with stock traders. {Need to know|Wish to know} which {very cheap stocks} {are increasingly being} heavily shorted because they’re up 50%? {Have a look at} Twitter. Use StocksToTrade {as the} scanner is built-in. {All you need} {to accomplish} is open the Twitter scanner and, voila, {you obtain} a running feed of stock tweets. {And you may|And you will|And you could} customize the feed {if you want}.


frequently asked questions about penny stocks to watch
Millionaire Media, LLC

I {get yourself a} {large amount of} questions from students. Thing is, my students already accept that {very cheap stocks} {give a} massive opportunity. And they’re studying {to understand} the strategies and rules.

But {there are a great number of} misconceptions about {very cheap stocks}. And {I wish to} address {some of} those now…


{Very cheap stocks} are micro- and nano-cap company stocks that trade {for under} $5 per share. Many trade via OTCMarkets, but {very cheap stocks} {may also be} {entirely on} large exchanges {just like the} NYSE and Nasdaq.

Are {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} {Worthwhile}?

{Very cheap stocks} are suitable as trading vehicles {however, not} long-term investments. Most penny stock companies eventually fail.

Are {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} Dangerous?

All trading involves risk. {In case you are} {ready to} learn appropriate patterns, rules, and strategies, {very cheap stocks} are {forget about} dangerous than other trading instruments.

{How exactly to} Watch {VERY CHEAP STOCKS}?

1.) {Concentrate on} big percent gainers. 2.) {Search for} high volume 3.) {Visit a} news catalyst 4.) {Search for a|Choose a} history of spikeability on {the future} chart. 5. {Work with a} scanner like StocksToTrade. (StocksToTrade was {created for} {very cheap stocks}.)

If Most Penny Stock Companies Fail, {YOU WILL WANT TO} Just Short Sell?

Because it’s {an extremely} dangerous, overcrowded game {at this time}. {The amount of} risk so many moron newbie short sellers take {nowadays} is unconscionable. It’s completely crazy.

{Needless to say}, {you could be|you may be|you will be} successful as a short-seller. {A lot of} my top students {concentrate on} short selling and I’ve personally made millions from short selling. {However the} {amount of} messages I get {daily} from short-sellers getting caught {in a nutshell} squeezes is … scary.

{HOW MUCH CASH} Do {I have to} {BEGIN}?

I’m {likely to} say, again, {spend money on} your education first. It doesn’t {have a} {large amount} of money {to begin with} trading. Different brokers have different account minimum requirements. ({I take advantage of} these brokers {and prevent|and steer clear of} offshore brokers altogether.)

{However the} market {can make} you pay more {in the event that you} aren’t prepared. Preparation is key. The {currency markets} {is really a} battlefield, so arm yourself accordingly. {Remember that} my top students all studied hard {as time passes} {to obtain} consistently profitable. Tim Grittani – arguably {the very best} penny stock trader {on the planet|on earth} – didn’t make anything for nine months.

So before you fund a trading account, fund your knowledge account. If you’re {nearly} ready for the Trading Challenge, try Pennystocking Silver. {It offers} you {usage of} {a lot more than} 6,000 video lessons. ({Additionally you} get access as a Trading Challenge student, {needless to say}.)


conclusion about penny stocks to watch
Millionaire Media, LLC

Your goal as a trader {would be to} become self-sufficient. And my goal {is usually to be} the mentor {for you} that I {never really had}. {THEREFORE I} hope you’ll take this {set of} the best {very cheap stocks} {to view} in March 2021 and {utilize it} as a learning tool.

??SUBSCRIBE to my FREE weekly stock watchlist here.

{Concentrate on} the process. {The easiest method to|The simplest way to|The ultimate way to} learn which {very cheap stocks} to watch {would be to} {create a} daily watchlist yourself. Follow the five tips above. It doesn’t matter if every stock {on your own} list {isn’t} perfect. Or doesn’t play out {how you} thought. {You obtain} better by making your daily watchlist {and} seeing what happened {through the} trading day.

watchlist banner


… this {set of} penny stocks {to view} {isn’t} a recommendation {to get} {very cheap stocks}. Also, my {email address details are} not typical and I’ve developed exceptional skills over {2 decades} of trading.

What {do you consider} of {the very best} {very cheap stocks} {to view} for March 2021? Comment below, {I enjoy} hear from all my readers!

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