Do Not Get Attached To a Penny Stock

If you have any stock trading experience whatsoever, you most likely have made this mistake already at some point or another. I am of course talking about staying in a penny stock so long that you saw some really good gains in your trading account at one point, then all of a sudden you ended up riding the train all the way back down into loses thinking that the stock was going to go back up.  Well, don’t you worry my friend, we have all been there. One thing that I can say about all of this, is the following “do not get attached to a penny stock”. I really mean that. Some penny stock traders out there fall in love with a single penny stock and continue holding it for years hoping that it will run or continue running (making gains). Most of the time, penny stocks have short lived gains, usually a pump and dump.

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Do Not Get Attached To a Penny Stock

Do Not Get Attached To a Penny Stock - LearnedGold.ComGetting attached / married to a penny stock is one of the worst mistakes that a penny stock trader can make.  They get attached and fall in love with a penny stock.  There is a saying in the penny stock world that really defines this well.  “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid”. Companies will put out PR after PR, filing after filing, they will hire marketing experts and paid promoters to feed you fluff news and information. Although not all Penny Stock companies are made equal, most of them are crooks and scammers. Just be careful in what you hear, and definitely do not believe every little thing that is being said on the message boards, social media, marketing materials etc..

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