Dealing with {a negative} boss: Nutty horror stories

Do {you understand} {how to approach} {a negative} boss? Well {or even}, read on {to discover} how.

OK, who here {includes a} terrible boss?

Today, {I wish to|I would like to} {discuss} them, because {when you have} one, you {consider} them {each day} you {head to} work.

What makes {a negative} boss?

Maybe they’re overbearing and rude. Maybe they dismiss every idea you have.

Or maybe they’re the spineless boss that meekly says, “Sorry, I can’t {provide you with a|offer you a} raise…that’s {all of the} wiggle room I have…” If he can’t {operate} for himself, how will he ever {operate} {for you personally}?

Just {make an effort to} imagine {the appearance} on someone’s face on a Sunday afternoon {because they} think about {heading back} to {work with} their boss {the very next day}. {I could} see them {in my own} mind, drinking at a Sunday brunch and complaining about something their boss did. Their friends, who’ve heard this 50 times, roll their eyes and {make an effort to} change {the topic}. It’s hilarious…as long as it’s {another person}. That last line {can be} {my entire life} philosophy.

A bad boss {implies that} {each day} – for 8+ hours/day, 2,000+ hours/year – {some people} are {travelling} on pins and needles, dreading seeing our boss. It’s like {travelling} with a 50lb weight {on your own} shoulders that you can’t take off…because it’s also secretly keeping you alive (aka {providing you} a paycheck).

Now here’s the interesting part.

Of {all of the} {individuals who have|those who have} bad bosses, {just how many} leave {to get} another job? Maybe 1 in 100? {How come} {everybody else} stay? You’re {not just a} slave. {It is possible to} leave {once you} want.

There’s {lots of|plenty of} boo-hoo, woe-is-me, waa-the-economy-is-so-bad. Actually, no, it’s not. Top performers {will get} {employment} in days in this economy. ({Actually}, we’re hiring {for many} positions.)

If {you’ve got a} bad boss, it’s not your fault – {nonetheless it} {can be your} responsibility {to accomplish} something about it. Once you’ve admitted {your} boss is bad {and you also} want out, you have 3 options:

  1. Try {to improve} your boss (unlikely)
  2. Find another job (hmm, {only if} there were {a way} {to get} your Dream Job)
  3. Do nothing and complain (I’ll see you in hell)

It’s {exactly like} being in {a negative} relationship. {It is possible to} blame it {in it} {whatever you} want…but ultimately, it’s {your choice} {to remain} or leave.

One of {the abilities} that few people {discuss} is knowing when {to give up}. Seth Godin writes {concerning this} in The Dip, where he says:

“…What really sets superstars {aside from} everyone else {may be the} {capability to} escape dead ends quickly, while staying focused and motivated when {it certainly} counts.

Winners quit fast, quit often, and quit without guilt – until they {invest in} beating {the proper} Dip for {the proper} reasons.”

For {all of the} {individuals who} complain {in regards to a} bad boss, {just how many} {of these} spotted the telltale signs – {years back}? And did nothing?

Ultimately, it {boils down} {to the}: You don’t {need to} accept {a negative} boss. It’s not “normal” or {section of} paying your dues. Nobody {must have} to sigh and say, “Another Monday…back to the grind.”

I actually think {most of us} are in {this example} – {greater than} {you want to} admit. {THEREFORE I} want {start} the conversation {for this}.

What’s your boss horror story?

Do {you’ve got a} bad boss? Did you finally escape? {I’d like} {one to} share your boss horror stories in the comments.

Beyond pure curiosity, {I wish to|I would like to} {take up a} conversation {concerning this}. What made them {so very bad}? {So when} you write this, notice how {it certainly makes you} feel.

Share your boss horror story in the comments below. Don’t {be worried about} naming any names or revealing yourself. {It is possible to} keep it completely anonymous.

This isn’t {simply for} employees, either. If you’ve been a boss, flip it. What’s your employee horror story?

I’m excited {to learn} yours.

P.S. It’s fun to commiserate about horrible bosses. But I’m {interested in} understanding what {we are able to} do {about any of it}.

Recently, I heard {probably the most} fascinating boss horror stories {ever}. It {originated from} a guest {in my own} Brain Trust program, Kevin Hillstrom. Today, Kevin {may be the} CEO of {an effective} business, MineThatData (and {an incredible} strategist). But early in his career, he was an awkward junior analyst – with ZERO communication and business skills.

One day, he was sitting in his cubicle and overheard his boss saying horrible {reasons for having} him {nowadays}.

Instead of complaining {about how exactly} bad his boss was, he took {a completely} different perspective – {one which} changed his entire career.

Check out Kevin’s story here:

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