{CAN YOU} Recognize This GREAT Stock Pattern ?

Weed stocks are {back} play for {a number of} reasons, {not only} because it’s 4/20 today LOL! Today I’ll share {an excellent} stock pattern.

Mostly it’s {because of} Canada’s pending legalization of weed happening {in only} {a couple of months} {to any extent further} June 7, 2018 {so the} classic pattern of “{choose the} rumor, sell {the news headlines}” is {occurring} in the weed sector {and when} you’ve seen my now 5,000+ video lessons, {you understand} this pattern well.

So, it’s nice {whenever a} rising tide lifts all boats in a sector, but {remember that} every sector, especially the marijuana sector, has both {bad and the good} companies…so which {of the} weed stocks are good and which are bad?

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{WHEN I} always say, {rely upon} self-made millionaires, {not only} random {individuals who} claim stuff {on the net} and {my pal} Doug here {is a} documented big earner on weed stocks and he’s {decided to} host a webinar {within} {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} days from now where he’ll reveal 5 new pot stocks he thinks has big upside potential in the coming week.

And because {folks are} always dubious of anyone who claims {to possess} {understanding of} a hot sector like Bitcoin or marijuana, I {ensured} this webinar here, happening on April 26th at 8pm EST was of {totally free} so you {haven’t any} excuse {never to} tune in…unless you’re lazy…and {in case you are} lazy please {log off} my website {at this time} {when i} promise you {that people} will not {go along} (ask the {way too many} lazy {individuals who have|those who have} been in {my entire life} if I’m {a good} guy {in their mind} {and they’ll} all emphatically say {something similar to} “No, Tim {may be the} opposite of {a good} guy, he’s {the largest} dick I’ve ever talked to”…to which I’d say, well {at the very least} {you have} off your lazy ass {and lastly} formed {an impression} of something so I’m glad {I possibly could} {assist you to} finally {take action} {together with your} useless life!)

{In the end}, I {go along} {Far better} with hard workers/dedicated students {that are} obsessed with {locating the} best performers in the {currency markets} {and the ones} who {focus on} {a particular} pattern, strategy or sector. ..{such as this} guy {who’s} a masterful short seller of morning spikes (I tried and I sucked at it) {which} guy {is really a} masterfully patient penny stock trader who holds gives breakouts {a lot more} {time and energy to} show what {they are able to} do {and contains} often reaped the rewards of such patience ({a thing that} I’ve tried, but could never do) or {many of} my other trading challenge students {who’ve} proven themselves {over and over} with {a couple of} patterns, NOT {being truly a} master {of most} patterns and strategies {to be remembered as} {an effective} trader as {is really a} {much too} common misconception that {way too many} {folks have} and message me about.**

Remember, I’m not that great at math {as well as} that smart and I became a multi-millionaire even {with no} any teacher – although I wish {I did so} have a teacher/mentor {therefore i} wouldn’t have made so many boneheaded mistakes {on the way}, hence why my goal for the  trading challenge {is usually to be} the mentor {for you} that I never had…**

But I digress – maybe because today is 4/20 so I’m not thinking so clearly, {however the} point {of the} {post} is that weed stocks are {back} play and I’m VERY thankful as Bitcoin and crypto-currency stocks {that were} {extremely popular} {recent} months have fallen dramatically off their highs and it’s still-to-be-determined {should they} can come {back} any meaningful way ({up to now} their bounces {have already been} weak {so that they} resemble a #6 pattern {out of this} must watch new study guide {this means} they’re actually good short selling candidates, not longs)

{As you can plainly see} in the charts below, weed stocks {have already been} the strongest performers {recent} days:

…with {reasonably priced|inexpensive} plays like General Cannabis Corporation (CANN) and WEED, Inc. (BUDZ) roughly doubling {previously|during the past} week alone while weed-sector leader GW Pharmaceuticals plc (GWPH) has risen nearly 40% and is right at all-time highs now:

…all {which} bodes {perfectly} {because of this} sector…even though these 3 companies {are simply} {types of} the strength in this sector {when i} don’t think {these businesses} {would be the} top-performing plays going forward…and {to inform} you {the reality} I don’t personally know {the very best} plays in this sector as it’s not my specialty, {which explains why} I’m linking {my pal} Doug’s upcoming webinar here so {often} because myself {will undoubtedly be} tuning in and {hearing} what he says as {he could be} the specialist in this sector {also it} usually pays {to hear} {probably the most} knowledgeable person {in virtually any} given sector.

{Even today}, I still get {way too many} messages {each day} like “{I understand} {you merely} trade {very cheap stocks}, but what {do you consider} about…” {that’s} {accompanied by} an endless {amount of} tickers, both US and international, none {which} follow the patterns outlined here that I teach, companies {of most} {sizes and shapes}, almost none {which} being microcap, smallcap or nanocap, {actually}, most being large-cap {that i} specifically have {a large number of} video lessons on explaining why {I really do} NOT trade those, various sectors, commodities and random ass charts {which have} no predictability whatsoever!

{Could it be} any wonder {that a lot of} traders lose {and several} of investors {neglect to} beat the pathetically 10-20% {each year} performing S&P 500? {Way too many} people think {the trick} to success is playing random ass guessing games where you {haven’t any} advantage whatsoever and {the chances} of you being right as so low, {you may} as well {not} guess {to begin with}!

But that’s Wall Street, and finance, and that’s why so many financial companies are so profitable – they peddle BS and feed the addiction of gamblers everywhere…and that’s also why I specifically {usually do not} play that game as brokers hate me for telling everyone {never to} trade {just as much} and to {avoid} risky brokers like these, penny stock promoters hate me for exposing how their promotional schemes work in free penny stock guides {such as this}, short sellers hate me for explaining {the way the} game works and which brokers are best for finding shares to short (while also {way too many} {of the very most} successful ones usually forget who showed them this niche and taught them {to begin with}) and {even while} I’ll continue teaching honestly {and become} {slicing through} the BS as misinformation gets my blood boiling and it’s {not really a} job anymore {for me personally}, it’s {a means} of life.

So don’t do me a favor by {thinking of buying} {the latest} weed stocks {because they} ramp higher {within the next} few days/weeks, do yourself a favor and {concentrate on} this pattern {that’s} working well {at this time} {and in addition} tune into this webinar April 26th, 8pm EST {so that you can} {find out more about} this hot sector {and discover} which companies/stocks {will tend to be} the leaders.

Please leave a comment below too {in the event that you} {know very well what} I’m saying {because the} big money {is manufactured} over time {because of} repeatable/predictable patterns so hopefully {I could} at least {complete} {for some} of you!

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