Book Review: Rich Dad, Poor Dad (this books irks me)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been on the bestseller list forever, but {could it be} all it’s cracked {around} me? We {breakdown} {what realy works} and {fails} {out of this} book.

Ramit Sethi

I {made a decision to} start reviewing some books that I read, and {the initial} one up is Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I’ll do books on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and {other things that} {I believe} is cool. ({In case you have|For those who have|When you have|Should you have} books {you prefer}, {i want to} know.)


Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money-That {THE INDEGENT} and {MIDDLE INCOME} {USUALLY DO NOT}!

I have grudging respect {because of this} book, but {each and every time|each time} someone raves {about any of it}, I usually {would like to} punch them in {the facial skin}.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad {can be an} absolute juggernaut of a book-it’s been on the bestseller lists {so long as} {I recall}. I re-read this book yesterday. Man, {there are several} {excellent} points, like how rich people {earn money} {work with} them and how {everybody else} works {for the money}. {The initial} chapter is pure magic-read it. {Among} {the best} quotes is from his Rich Dad:

Most people never study {the topic} [money]. {Each goes} to work, {obtain} paycheck, balance their checkbooks, and that’s it. {In addition}, they wonder why {they will have} money problems. Few {recognize that} it’s their {insufficient} financial education {this is the} problem.

He {requires a} dim view {of individuals} who blindly make decisions without stopping to ask themselves why:

A friend of mine in Hawaii {is an excellent|is a good|is a superb} artist. He makes {a big} {amount of cash}. {1 day} his mother’s attorney called {to inform} him that she had left him $35,000. {This is exactly what} was left of her estate {following the} attorney and {the federal government} took their shares. Immediately, he saw {a chance to} increase his business {through the use of} {a few of} this money {to market}. {8 weeks} later, his first four-color, full-page ad appeared {within an} expensive magazine that targeted {the} rich. The ad ran for {90 days}. He received no replies from the ad, and {most of} his inheritance {is currently} gone. He now {really wants to} sue the magazine for misrepresentation.

This {is really a} common case of {a person who|somebody who} can {create a} beautiful hamburger, but knows little about business. When I asked him what he learned, his only reply was that “advertising salespeople are crooks.” {Then i} asked if {he’d} be {ready to} {have a} course in sales and {a training course} in direct marketing. His reply, “I don’t have {enough time}, and I don’t {desire to} waste my money.”

The book does {an excellent} job teaching {how exactly to} {consider} work and money. Its early parts are {among the better} I’ve read. But I don’t {buy into the} book’s {concentrate on} real estate, {that is} {much too} complicated for beginning investors, and the high-level advice with few actionable recommendations. {Lots of people} love this book for teaching them how they’re supposed {to take into account} money-but {in the event that you} {inquire further} what they’ve done {to obtain} there, {if you ask me}, {individuals} who rave {concerning this} book haven’t done much. Unfortunately, Rich Dad, Poor Dad doesn’t have many actionable suggestions. I’d recommend this book {being an} excellent {solution to} challenge your {considering} work and money, but {only when} you combine it with other books {that produce} tactical recommendations of financial issues. I’ll cover more books {I really like} and hate later.

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