Best of IWT: Dominate with my word-for-word scripts

Today {may be the} {to begin} a 4-part series spotlighting {the best|among the best} material on IWT.

Today’s focus: My tested, word-for-word scripts {which you can use} to instantly save {a huge selection of} dollars, negotiate thousands, and {the best}, improve responses at bars.

I love scripts {since they} {ensure it is} mindlessly {possible for} you to {begin}. No thinking required – simply read off {what} and you’ll likely find terrific results, {because of} thousands of {other folks} testing multiple variations of scripts that I develop.

I love when people {tell you firmly to} do highly sophisticated things, like “Just act confident!” or “Just negotiate {together with your} boss!” {The average indivdual} looks up, confused, scratching their head with half an egg {going out} {of these} mouth. “Ya ok sure” {they state}.

Instead, {utilize the} actual scripts {which have} generated massive results for {thousands of} IWT readers – in {saving cash}, {making profits}, and improving your social skills.

Optimize your cellphone bill
“{A lot of us} (including me) {select a} cellphone plan, then never {determine} if it’s {the correct one} for us {predicated on} our usage. {As the} average cellphone bill {is approximately} $50, that’s $600 {each year} of money {it is possible to} optimize. Perfect.”

How to negotiate {your vehicle} insurance down
“{That is} Tip #13 of the Save $1,000 in {1 month} Challenge. Today’s tip {would be to} negotiate {your vehicle} insurance. {The majority of us|Many of us} {select a} rate once, then never {return back} again. But {should you choose}, {it is possible to} save {a huge selection of} dollars {every year}.”

Here’s how I negotiated out of bank fees 
“Here’s how I negotiated out of a $20 overdraft fee and a $27.10 finance charge from Wells Fargo.”

How {to utilize} Natural Networking {for connecting} with anyone – {like the} exact email scripts
“{At this point you} have {both} tactics ({the e-mail} scripts) {in addition to a} strategic approach (narrowing down your networking, {concentrating on} helping others, and understanding {the energy} dynamic). All {in a single} day.”

How to Email Virtual Assistants (or Any Assistants): Proven Templates
(Guest post on Tim Ferriss’ site.)
“Because I’m {an enormous} weirdo {time} management, I’ve spent over 65 hours optimizing my emails to VAs. {Listed below are} three {types of} emails that {allow you to get} answers {in a single} round. After reading the templates below, you’ll {produce} a crisp one-and-done email that gets you results – {the very first time|the 1st time}. I’ve used these {ways to} recover those 65 hours in {a few months} and cut back-and-forth emails with my VA by over 80%.”

On Refusing {to reveal} Your Salary in {employment} Interview
(Featured in {NY} Times)
“You don’t {need to} reveal your salary information,” said Ramit Sethi, {writer of} “{I’LL} {EDUCATE YOU ON} to Be Rich” and {the favorite} blog of {exactly the same} name. “You’re under no obligation to reveal it at all. {Just how} {in the event you} handle the question? Mr. Sethi shared his recommended script and tips {around}.”

I also collect {a huge selection of} proven scripts from successful students of mine in the Dream Job vaults.

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