A Controversial Problem That {WAY TOO MANY} Of My Students Have

{Not long ago i} wrote a {post} entitled “{IT IS A|THIS CAN BE A} Big Problem,” {where} I {discussed} how fear holds {way too many} of my students back from achieving their full potential. While education, practice and experience all help solve that problem {as time passes}, it does {devote some time} and {way too many} people {quit} {on the way}.

Download {the main element} points {of the} post as PDF.

Today {I wish to|I would like to} expose another big problem I see – which really reared its ugly head in {reaction to} my charity’s latest $25,000 donation:**

…while I was {attempting to} support {among} {the best} cities, {NEVADA}, in {reaction to} this tragic event {where} {many of} my students died or were injured, my idea {to attempt to} lessen gun violence provoked some real nastiness in the comments from {those who are} {quite definitely} pro-guns {who have been} quick {to inform} me {they might} unfollow me and report my account too…both {which} {certainly are a} sad commentary on {hawaii} of our nation {where} someone having {another} viewpoint from you automatically offends people, and {in a few} {acute cases}, makes {individuals} with two differing views enemies.

Now, I don’t want {this website} post {to obtain} political (at all), but {regardless of what} you believe, {I believe} {most of us} want there to be less violence {on the planet|on earth} {even though} it’s {likely to} {be considered a} difficult {struggle with} no clear solution {around the corner}, one thing {I understand} {we are in need of} is open discussion…hence why {I simply} made this followup video:**

…and the {a reaction to} that new video is {a lot more} positive and constructive {due to the fact} when given the “okay” to debate differing views in {a confident} and useful manner, my students really {enter} it {with one another} {therefore} far there’s been {Hardly any} hateful/negative messages posted {that is} in sharp contrast to my Instagram video posted above.

Now, one reason {may be} because Youtube allows me {an extended} video time of several minutes {instead of} Instagram’s strict 60-second cutoff time {therefore i} could explain my position more thoroughly, or {you may} conclude that {since i have} have 1+ million followers on Instagram vs roughly 200,000 on Youtube, there’s bound to {become more} negativity with {the larger} audience, but {I love to} {consider this} event as {among} {how exactly to} think and behave vs how {never to}.

I’m curious {to listen to} {your personal} thoughts in the comment {portion of} {this website} post too {when i} welcome ALL feedback, just {make an effort to} {ensure it is} constructive {rather than} rude (as tough {since it} is {for a few} of you with strong opinions {with this} matter!)

And since I’ve traveled extensively to over 100+ countries {recent} years, talking with {folks of} {A wide variety of} backgrounds, {I could} {let you know} that we’re all {much more} alike with {a lot more} similar values than {the majority of us|many of us} realize and {the primary} problem {we’ve} is we don’t communicate openly enough {with one another} and we let our emotions dictate our responses.

{Even though} {it is a} political/social debate, {how exactly to} behave, communicate and think vs how {never to} also {pertains to} the {currency markets} – I see {Too many} Trading Challenge students and non-students alike being narrow-minded {within their} strategies and approaches {plus they} {lose out on} considering new {means of} trading {which could} help them profit {more regularly}.

{For instance}, {in the event that you} watched this interview with {among} my newest six-figure profit trading challenge students:**

…you {understand that} Roland’s dad {is really a} value investor, so he was {Quite definitely} against his son {engaging in} penny {trading}.

While I don’t know {just how} it played out {between your} two {of these}, Roland {finished up} joining my Trading Challenge {and today} he’s turned $4,000 into over $300,000 {this season} alone (leave a comment below {this website} post {if you would like} me {to accomplish} another interview with Roland since he’s {a lot more than} doubled his account size since that interview we did just {a few months} ago so I’m guessing {he’s got} {even more} lessons {to talk about}!).**

{Given that} he’s been so successful and the stage {is defined} for him to become my next Millionaire Trading Challenge student if he continues {spending so much time} and studying {quite a bit}, his dad and him joke about their difference in opinion, but {I understand} too many {individuals who} {pay attention to} their {family and friends} who base their anti-penny stock feelings on the movie The Wolf Of Wall Street, mistakenly believing all penny {trading} {is merely} about actually believing these {little bit of} crap companies, when {actually} {almost all} of my top Millionaire Trading Challenge students and {I’ve} made millions betting AGAINST these penny stock pump and dumps. ..see {the best} anti-penny stock pump and dump pattern HERE.

{The issue} with {very cheap stocks} isn’t the stocks themselves, it’s the misunderstandings and bitterness that penny stock promoters and their lies create – so it’s actually quite controversial {for me personally} to be pro-penny stocks when 99.9% of {the planet} absolutely hates them.

{Just how} that I {consider it} is like, {imagine if} I drove my Ferrari 220 mph in a 35 mph zone and crashed and died, {could it be} the Ferrari’s fault or mine? It’s mine because I broke the speed limit…in this case, it’s not the Ferrari’s fault, it’s my fault…so why hate on the Ferrari?

{Exactly the same} {is true} for {very cheap stocks}, {in the event that you} learn and play by {the correct} speed-signage aka the penny stock rules I outline here, you’ll have {an excellent} penny stock experience…and {and that means you|which means you} {simply need to} learn those rules as they’re {healthy}!

{In my own} mind, it’s little different with guns, we just need better rules and laws…and while I’m {not just a} politician, {I believe} there’s substantial room for improvement in the gun laws {to lessen} the violence we see {inside our} nation today.

But, you tell me {everything you} think in the comments below…seriously, communication and sharing each other’s views help cut through the hate and the BS I see everywhere on ANY controversial topic…whether it’s gun violence, {very cheap stocks}, or anything where {folks have} {quite strong} opinions.

Having strong opinions on {a topic} is not {a negative} thing, but being unwilling {to hear} others’ opinions is…so today’s lesson {is merely} to {become more} open-minded and respect {one another} more, {alongside} our differences as it’s this liberty, freedom and {capability to} debate openly WITHOUT VIOLENCE is {why is} our country and society {so excellent} {to begin with}!

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