7 Questions With My Next Millionaire Student**

{I’m} excited {to talk about} {a tale} about my next millionaire student  and I’m proud {to possess} several millionaire trading challenge students already, {a few of} whom who {would rather} remain private, but thankfully {a few of} whom share their stories publicly {to greatly help} inspire others like my first millionaire student here ({who was simply} also my first online hater so {easily} can teach him {I could} teach ANYONE!), my 2nd millionaire student HERE ({who was simply} also featured here {by way of a} bigtime media site) and my 3rd millionaire student HERE (who had {a significant} viral video interview here)…and now {I’ve} {the next} millionaire trading challenge student on the brink of crossing $1 million in profits…**

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I’ve already featured him HERE {when i} treated him {for some} courtside NBA seats to his favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs (and we also {surely got to} have dinner with NBA legend David Robinson, {which you are able to} see HERE) and he’s done several great videos like these before:**

And my trading challenge students know him well because he gives weekly webinars, helps me mentor other students and he’s now made 300+ video lessons exclusively for trading challenge students, {not forgetting} he’s {the main one} {in charge of} categorizing ALL my 5,500+ video lesson library (since he was {the first ever to} watch {all of them} 3x over…in case you lazy people ever {wished to} {know very well what} it took to become my next millionaire trading challenge student, watching ALL my video lessons multiple times {can only just} {assist in} your {probability of} success), {and today} after {many years} of truly {effort}, study {and a lot of} trading, he’s closing in on $1 million in profits with $967,000 in trading profits:**

{Not forgetting} {within the last} few years {because the} {currency markets} helped change his life, he also moved to Miami, got married to {an unbelievable} girl (I was {luckily enough} {to wait} their beautiful wedding!) and he also just had {a lovely} baby too {even while} his financial life has changed dramatically since he found my strategy while working {being an} accountant in a cubicle {in the past}.**

Here’s {just a little} interview my team did with him too {a time}, I’m {not} sure we ever posted it {as the} past {couple of years} {have already been} crazy {for me personally} too, as every new millionaire trading challenge student who show {Almost all their} trades publicly, {nothing like} the BSers who just show a screenshot or two {which are} too easily doctored/photoshopped, helps show why I’m really {within an} industry {filled with} frauds…just {just a little} reminder to be {Careful} with {those that} claim {to possess} made {huge amount of money}, {keep these things} show proof (like {I really do} here) {and in addition} ask to {speak to} their top students, {make certain} they’re {not only} fake {people who have} fake names created {on the net} (as several scumbag wannabe gurus {have already been} {recognized to} do)

1. {Just how long} {are you} trading?

I began trading in mid-2010 {therefore i} have {many years} of trading experience.

2. How did {you discover} out about Tim Sykes?

I watched {several} Youtube videos here about Tim’s story {back} 2010 and became very {thinking about} {very cheap stocks} once I learned more about his strategy!

3. How has {your daily life} been {influenced by} your success?

I {could} walk away {from the} career in Accounting where I was dying a slow death behind the desk. Now I’m {in a position to} {home based} as {my very own} boss and “live the dream” while helping new trading students {that are} {focused on} learning and motivated to consistently profit in the penny stock markets!**

4. {What’s} {the main} lesson that Tim has taught you?

{Concentrate on} {the perfect} setups that present great “risk/reward” and meticulously execute your trades while cutting losses quickly {to be able to} consistently grow your account year in, year out. {Disregard the} unpredictable setups {and prevent|and steer clear of} over-trading.

5. What did {you must} overcome {to access} {what your location is} at today?

{Lots of people}, including {relatives and buddies}, have {explained} that trading is gambling and is {much too} risky {to apply} for {a full time income}. {Realizing that|Understanding that} 90% of traders fail is, {in a way}, a psychological barrier to success. I had {to discover a} {solution to} “beat {the chances}” {therefore i} joined the Tim Sykes Trading Challenge and studied Tim Sykes’ strategy {night and day} (watching every DVD and video lesson he’s {available}). Now I’m “self-sufficient” and happily teaching {a lot of} {my very own} students who need personalized coaching in Tim’s trading challenge!**

6. Keys to your success {as far as} a trader?

Staying disciplined {may be the} {the very first thing} {in my own} success. {I’ve} learned {to simply accept} losses and {move ahead} when I’m wrong. It’s absolutely critical {to remain} on the sidelines {whenever there are} no setups {to avoid} forcing trades {that may|which will} likely {end up being} losers.

7. What advice {can you} {provide a} new trader?

{Look for a} mentor {that will assist} {show you} through the ABC’s of trading (technical analysis, psychology, and ideal setups). Understand your strengths and weakness by trading small position sizes {when you begin} out. Never blindly follow someone else’s trades – {utilize them} as a learning tool {in order to} ultimately make {your personal} decisions! {I could} definitely {assist you to} through {this technique} and that’s why I’m so proud to be {among the} mentors in Tim’s trading challenge!

{Recognize that} Mark {isn’t} a millionaire yet, as he {also offers} {to cover} taxes on his trading profits ({click here} {if you wish to} tackle that subject I don’t teach it, but {I understand} someone very qualified {would you}) and I don’t know exactly when {he’ll} cross $1 million as I’ve learned from past millionaire trading challenge students {never to} get {before} myself and {make an effort to} force {the problem} (as {a long time ago} I brought {a complete} camera crew to witness Tim Grittani passing $1 million in profits and {due to the} pressure, he promptly lost $50,000 {rather than} making it {therefore i} won’t make that mistake again!), but I’m {sure} {so long as} Mark continues taking it one trade {at the same time}, {he’ll} be my next millionaire trading challenge student so do me a favor and leave a comment below congratulating him on his journey {up to now} and thanking him for sharing his lessons {on the way} so openly with other students too!**

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