6 Important Lessons {FROM THE} New Student

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I get {plenty of} notes and emails and tweets from my Millionaire Challenge students. Often, it’s {just a few} sentences that say “thanks!” {or perhaps a} paragraph or two {about how exactly} much they’ve learned from me. But {once in a while} I {have more}. Sometimes students {desire to} share what they’ve learned {within the} Challenge, {that is} great, because {i quickly} can pass that {to} {the rest of the} students, or {the rest of the} would-be students who haven’t yet taken the plunge and fully {committed to} their future. It’s all well and {best for} me {to create} interviews with my top students {who’ve} made high six and low seven figures** like:



…but {think about} upcoming newer students who {might possibly not have} made that much yet, but are learning nicely and {on the right course}?

{Lately}, I received {a note} from my trading challenge student Nick. Nick began his challenge in November 2016, and spent {another} {couple of months} learning. His takeaways {are excellent}, {and when} you’ve just started {the task} or {are considering} applying to {turn into a} millionaire trading challenge student, {this can be a} must read.

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The 6 {MOST SIGNIFICANT} Lessons I’ve learned After {six months} In The Millionaire Challenge, {In accordance with} Nick

Lesson #1:  {Want to buy}

{How lousy} {would you like} it?   You {have the effect of} shaping {your own future}. Success {does take time} and determination. {It really is} earned, as few {will undoubtedly be} handed anything on that proverbial silver platter. {Have a} minute {to spotlight} what {it really is} {that you require} and what steps {you will|you are likely to|you will definitely} take to {make it happen}. Have {an idea} and {ensure it is} your mission to execute that plan. {You’ll get} discouraged {on the way}. Everybody falls down. It’s {the method that you|the way you} pick yourself back up which shapes you {being an} individual. Don’t make excuses. {There’s always} somebody {on the market} who has it much worse than you, and somehow finds {a method to} prevail. {In conclusion} – Attitude is everything.

Lesson #2 {Think about} the positive, grow from the negative

{You need to be} able to {know very well what} your proficiencies and deficiencies are {with regards to} trading. I’ll {function as} first {to state} that I’ve got {an unbelievable} distance to cover on my {way to} achieving consistency and success. I’ve been constantly expanding my trading journal throughout my {small amount of time} traversing {the marketplace}. {In the event that you} don’t have a trade journal, start one now. {At least|At the minimum}, record your trades {at length} on Profitly. {That is} {essential to|imperative to} the success {of one’s} journey. I spend {lots of time} reviewing {all of} my trades and reflecting on my entries, exits, risk level, price targets, etc. {It has} helped to shape my trading {in the years ahead} as I’m {in a position to} think back on {the final} time I traded something similar, and {the results} {of this} trade. {The largest} losses I’ve taken {also have} taught me {probably the most}. Don’t be embarrassed about mistakes (or {in my own} case – pure stupidity). Grow {as a result}. If life isn’t about bettering yourself {every day}, then {the facts} all for?

Lesson #3  Find {what realy works} best {for you personally} and capitalize on it 

I had never traded a stock {in my own} life {ahead of} October of 2016. {I must say i} struggled {through the} first four months of {the task}, after getting accepted in November. {There is} an overwhelming {total} learn. It took me {quite a while} {to understand} that I {had a need to} break {the various} {areas of} trading up into pieces and {go on it} in stride. I watched video lesson after video lesson, {concentrating on} one subject {at the same time} while absorbing what {I possibly could} about other {areas of} {the marketplace}. And I finally found my passion after discovering short selling. Trading went from something {I must say i} enjoyed doing, to something I couldn’t get enough of. I {have been} {getting up} {every day} around 4:30am Central time. {This is} after hitting the snooze button multiple times. After discovering the joys of short selling, I barely needed an alarm anymore. I continued {to spotlight} shorting {and lastly} pulled myself {out from the|from the} red, achieving profits after months of struggle. That feeling was unlike {any}. I’m finally {beginning to|needs to} “{start to see the} light” {due to} it.
Find what your’e {proficient at} {through the entire} vastness of different trading strategies. {Concentrate on} it and {work at} becoming consistent. Build your knowledge base and {expertise} {from} that.

Lesson #4  Stay {centered on} your goal

Why did {you choose to} start trading? {For me personally} {it had been} because I was {sick and tired of} just getting by in life. {I needed} more. {I’ve} {an objective} to become financially healthy. {It is very important} keep {your targets} in the forefront {of one’s} mind. {Utilize it} as motivation. Have {short-term}, mid term, and {longterm} goals. {It has} been {an integral} {element in} helping me grow {not merely} in life, but with my trading. {Every week} I’ll set {an objective} and repetitively {work at} it {during the day}, {every day}. This week my goal has {gone to} respect risk . I’d taken {several} big losses recently in not {doing this}. I’m working towards this goal day in and {day trip}, {to be remembered as} more consistent.
By {understanding how to} {work at} something specific, I’ve fine tuned my abilities.

Lesson #5 Protect your capital

{That is} {among the} single {most significant} {areas of} trading. {You need to} protect your capital. Holding and hoping {isn’t} the answer. {Create a} trade plan and {stay with it}. Cut your losses quickly {whenever your} plan doesn’t {workout}. Tim Grittani said something {in another of} his webinars {that basically} hit {house with} me:
Your job isn’t to trade but {to control} risk – where {are you currently} risking off {entering} the trade {sufficient reason for} how much {at risk}? That’s really all trading is.. putting yourself in high odds situations, and {obtaining the} hell out {the changing times|the days} {the problem} fails. good trading {is a lot} more reactive than predictive.”
If that doesn’t {conclude}, I don’t {know very well what} does.

Lesson #6 Never stop learning

Knowledge is everything. {You can find} {a lot of time} of material {to understand} from. I’ve always got a video lesson playing {through the entire} trading day, constantly absorbing everything I {are able to}. {So far as} i’m concerned, {it is possible to} never know enough. Never stop building and growing. {Excersice} forward.

Thanks, Nick!  {In case you have|For those who have|When you have|Should you have} {a listing of} lessons that you’d {just like the} share, drop me a line {therefore i} can share it.

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