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Below you’ll find my 5 Step Process that {Personally i think} everyone should utilize {to obtain the|to find the|to have the} best results and put you {on the right track} for success.

Download {the main element} points {of the} post as PDF.

If you’ve watched my DVD guides (which are {for sale} here for 48 hours ONLY), seen my recent trades HERE of {what types of} trades {will work} best {at this time} and read my recent {blogs} like “{TRY OUT THIS} {EACH MORNING} And You’ll {EARN MONEY}” and “{THE VERY BEST} Play That’s Working Well {AT THIS TIME}” {you understand} it’s {Essential} for me {to consider} hot stocks {close to the} market open.

{And although} I was traveling today, I still nailed {among the} hottest {very cheap stocks} today {when i} detailed in this video lesson {so when} {you can observe|you can view} from my solid $1,000+ profit trade {onto it}:**

{Even though} making $1,000 doesn’t {look like} {a lot of money}, that’s how my top millionaire trading challenge students and I grew our accounts at the beginning** and remember that’s {plenty of} to keep {the true} job away…so leave a comment below this post saying “{I’ll} make $1,000/day” {in the event that you} understand {watching} this video for further proof:

…and I even emphasized {this type of} point in yesterday’s {post} “My {APPLYING FOR GRANTS} The Coming Week” and {affirmed} that mentality and strategy {paid} nicely today.

So, here’s {a straightforward} 5-step process {that you can do|that can be done} {Each and every} morning {prior to the} market open at 9:30am EST…ideally by 9:15am EST {as well as} 9am EST so you’re not rushing right at the opening bell at 9:30am:

1. Check {the largest} % gainers {along with other} top scans {which are} {included in} this key tool since it’s built {designed for} scanning {the latest} {reasonably priced|inexpensive} stocks which no other platform {is made} for…and it’s {for sale} for 48 hours HERE using {promotion code} save100

2. Out of whatever big % gainers {you discover}, {consider the} news that cause the big % gain…is it an earnings winner {which has} the potential to {end up like} this solid long pattern? {Could it be} a pump {that’s} better for shorting {such as this} pattern? Or {could it be} a pump on the verge of {a large} collapse {that may} make it {an excellent} dip buy {such as this} pattern…or {could it be} {another thing}?

Study {and move on to} know {the most typical} {as well as your} favorite patterns {in advance} (researching these video categories meticulously helps {a whole lot}), see which patterns you’re best at capturing {a few of the} big {move ahead} and ignore patterns you suck at…we’re {various different} so {because} one pattern works {for just one} trader {will not} {imply that} it’ll {do the job}, {a few of} my top upcoming millionaire trading challenge students just have {several} key patterns they’re {proficient at}:

…and also {recognize that} {wish} pattern {spent some time working} {previously|during the past} {will not} mean it’ll keep working {and that means you|which means you} must {adjust to} changing patterns too, as my most successful Trading Challenge student {did} well:

3. Stay {out from the|from the} big % gainers without news – {I} ignore big % gainers without news as you {do not know} what’s {evoking the} big run up {so that it} could literally {be considered a} good long or short {and you also} {do not know}, it’s a coin flip and {I’d} not {be considered a} successful trader {easily} liked 50/50 odds…that would make me {an average} gunslinging gambler and {I understand} {way too many} traders {who’ve} fallen victim to trades with crappy odds {because} they’re such degenerates {they} need “action” {all of the} time…it’s {sort of} sad that {I’ve} {probably the most} Millionaire Trading Challenge students and it’s 100% because {almost every other} teachers don’t emphasize {the significance} {to be} extra-picky and extra-safe when trading these volatile stocks, I’m a full-on coward in trading and teaching and I’m {pleased with} it {because it} gives students {the proper} mentality, {even though} brokers and gunslingers {tell you firmly to} trade {greater than} my top students and I do…welcome to {the} that’s {filled with} shit, where most brokers and “teachers” are on the verge of {an extremely} dangerous reckoning {when i} warned here.

4. Use my https://traderchecklist.com guide parameters to plan your trade {Prior to the} market opens…we {have even} this handy free tool {so that you can} plug in values like float, market environment and past performance of spiking as {All that} matters when I {create a} trade…see today’s video lesson to {observe how} {I’ve} internalized {all this} {through the years} and am {in a position to} {find a very good} stocks before most others put {everything} together.

5. Don’t be {seeking to} trade {AT ALL TIMES|CONSTANTLY|ON A REGULAR BASIS|CONTINUOUSLY}, but {most probably} to trading {In case a} play fits enough of the indicators I {review} and over and over…then it’s just rinse and repeat, practicing your trading, {even though you} {haven’t any} money using paper-trading here {to obtain} used to the volatility {these} {very cheap stocks} have and {attempting to} take trades with solid risk/reward…knowing that you won’t win 100% {of that time period} – my top Millionaire Trading Challenge students and I “only” win 65-75% {of that time period}, simply cutting losses quickly when we’re wrong and {attempting to} capture “the meat of the move” on {best wishes} plays of {your day}, understanding that {nearly all} volatility happens right {close to the} market open and {the marketplace} close and that’s why {I’ve} so many part-time students and traders too!

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