5 {METHODS TO} Grow Your Account

A question I get asked often is  “{how do you} grow my account exponentially?” {Due to the fact} earning 10-20% {each year} {is known as} “great” on Wall Street, when I start {discussing} 100-200% yearly returns** instead, people get VERY interested and EVERYONE I {speak to} {really wants to} be my next Millionaire Trading Challenge student…and why wouldn’t they after seeing my top students performance charts {just like the} ones below:

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But because I {likewise have} {a large number of} students, having {not even half} {twelve} truly successful students means it {must} be luck, right?

{In the end}, we trade {very cheap stocks} and nobody in {the annals} of {the planet} has EVER consistently made money on these junky stocks, and certainly, no credible Wall Streeter would ever recommend people trade {these types of} stocks, right?

When I first wrote my best-selling book ({that you can} get {free of charge} HERE) several “{financial specialists}” {explained} {directly} that I was crazy {easily} thought average retail investors and traders would understand my niche strategy {that has been} VERY {definately not} {the normal} “buy and hold {top quality} companies and you’ll be rewarded {as time passes}” {this is the} mainstream’s main investment strategy, {a technique} that AT BEST earns them 10-20% {each year} which {if you ask me} {is merely} shit.

So, it’s ENTIRELY {your decision}, NOBODY is forcing you AT ALL {because the} beauty {to be} real {within an} industry {filled with} scams is that I don’t need ANY doubters as students ({because they}, {alongside} lazy students, {lead to} shitty students that waste my time, making me repeat myself {rather than} being {ready to} {devote} the {hundreds of hours} {necessary to} truly become my next Millionaire student) so feel {absolve to} ignore me and key trading rules like these and my weird strategy {focused on} the highly questionable little niche of {very cheap stocks} that 99.99% of {the planet} hates on {each and every} day…but {if you would like} 100-200% returns, {that you} should, especially since 10-20% {each year} doesn’t move the needle if you’re {like the majority of} of my students {who’ve} $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 {with their} name, then {continue reading}.

Because {apart from} those truly awesome profit charts from my top trading challenge students, and {actually} those guys aren’t just my students anymore, {they provide} other Trading Challenge students live trading and Q&A webinars and mentor other trading challenge students now too alongside me, we {likewise have} several students who haven’t necessarily made $1 million {as well as} $500,000 {rather than} {a good} “lowly” $250,000…no instead they’re just passing $100,000 in profits now {and you may|and you will|and you could} {find out about} them in GREAT posts like “10 Lessons From Another Student Who Just Passed $100,000 In Profits” and in this video too:**


And {just forget about} great success, remember the ugly stat that 90%+ of traders LOSE, so any gains whatsoever {certainly are a} gift {and when} {it is possible to} learn any strategy {that provides} consistent profits, {as well as} somewhat consistent profits, well, {you then} don’t even {have to} make six-figures or seven-figures to {be looked at} truly successful in this niche, here’s {among} my Trading Challenge students who trades with {an extremely} small account and just passed $10,000 in profits

And yes, while {I really do} have {a large number of} students, {only} 500 {roughly} bother watching ALL my video lessons, DVDs and webinars and out {of these} who take their education that seriously, it’s actually a surprisingly {lot} of them {who’ve} found success.

{This is actually the} beauty of {understanding how to} grow {a merchant account} exponentially, it’s NOT about making millions or tens of {huge amount of money} in {the initial} {couple of years}, it’s learning and practicing good habits {to be able to|to enable you to} grow your account exponentially {AS TIME PASSES} and it {requires a} ton of time {when you initially} start with {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} thousand dollars and that’s okay if you’re prepared for that from the {start} like {I’d} prefer…NEVER forget that my top students {reach} seven-figures only after {many years} and literally {HUNDREDS OF HOURS} OF {EFFORT} AND STUDY.

I keep mentioning {HUNDREDS OF HOURS} OF {EFFORT} AND STUDY because it’s true as {there is absolutely no} exact formula here, it’s just learning rules, patterns and discipline and adapting to whatever opportunities the stock markets brings us {every day}, each week, {every month}, and {every year} and being {prepared to} capitalize on only {the very best} plays, if you’re patient enough.

Enough {of all} general stuff, let’s {reach} the good {items that} actually grows your account exponentially:

1. Here’s a video lesson I {manufactured in} {the center of} the night {yesterday evening}, it makes {the right} points although you’ll {need to} excuse me {to be} {a little} tired, I’ve been doing some badass charity work {all day long} lately, then {likely to} work {night time} (that’s {the type of} work ethic you’ll {have to be} successful in life):

2. Watch this CLASSIC video lesson specifically {on how best to} grow {a little} account, the strategy {Differs} from {the main one} {you’ll} use {in case you are} trading with {a large} account (hence why {I could} do everything {I really do} {from the} single laptop from {All over the world}, not multi-screen monitor or big fancy office in NYC required)

3. Understand the account minimums and work/study minimums {necessary to} succeed by {scanning this} {post} “What’s The Minimum {HAD A NEED TO} Trade {VERY CHEAP STOCKS}?” {which} {post} too “{WHAT’S} the Pattern Day Trader Rule {AND JUST WHY} {YOU CERTAINLY DO NOT NEED} $25,000 To Trade Stocks”

4. {Quit} ANY strategy {that’s} mainstream, while also avoiding strategies where you can’t cut losses quickly ({trading options}), where there’s {an excessive amount of} competition from the richest/most powerful people {in the wonderful world of} finance {which means that your} {probability of} success are pathetic (forex), {and in addition} avoid outright scams like binary options {that’s} getting {turn off} in {increasingly more} countries, thankfully, {but nonetheless} some desperate people turn to it and that’s just sad.

5. {Obtain the} right mindset {had a need to} grow {a merchant account} exponentially, it doesn’t happen overnight and that’s {a very important thing} {since it} forces {one to} study {a whole lot} at first {to really have the} best chance at success. {In the event that you} don’t study or expect success {immediately}, {YOU’LL} FAIL. {The good thing is} that while it’s tough, it’s not that complicated if you’ve read my free guide {such as this} so {regardless of} {just how much} you study, {it is possible to} understand EVERYTHING within 1-2 years or {three years} at worst if you’re slow like Forrest Gump. Read {this website} post “{ARE YOU CURRENTLY} Studying And Working {THE WRONG MANNER}?” {which} one too “{AN INTEGRAL} Trait {YOU HAVE TO|YOU SHOULD} {TURN INTO A} Millionaire” {for a few} more background info {and in addition} watch these 2 video lessons below too:

And before I forget {if you discover} {this website} post useful, please leave a comment and tell me {Just what} you learned and which, if any, {of the} bullet points #1-5 resonate with you {probably the most}!

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