5 Lessons From My Steve Harvey Show Interview

{In the event that you} haven’t had {to be able to} {browse the} video from {the looks} I made on the Steve Harvey show , {alongside} my students Michael, who’s now {around} $1.6 million in trading profits {because of} my teachings, and Ivan, who has made {a good} six figures** , watch it here now. I’m honored {to possess} been invited {to seem}, and I’m humbled {to believe} that the clip Steve showed of my home and my lifestyle in LA might inspire others {to see} {the type of} success Michael, Ivan and I – {alongside} {a lot of} other millionaire challenge students – {have observed}.

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Definitely {browse the} video {in the event that you} haven’t yet, {but}, {I wish to|I would like to} {breakdown} {some of the} lessons that came up from my conversation with Steve, which lasted FAR longer than {that which was} shown on TV, he was a surprisingly {far better} interviewer than this media legend. {This may} seem {just a little} repetitive, but {I must say i} {desire to} hammer these lessons home {for you} as you grow {is likely to} journey towards real wealth.

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Lesson #1 – Keep it simple

{Just like a|Such as a} {large amount of} people do {if they} {learn} I became a millionaire in college, Steve asked me what made me {so excellent} at investing. And I had {to inform} him {the reality}. {Initially}, I wasn’t good . I {began} {attempting to} trade big blue chip stocks because that’s what everyone {explained} you had {to accomplish} {to obtain} rich. {The effect} was that my portfolio didn’t move until I started trading {more affordable} stocks with {the type of} volatility I {had a need to} bank 10%, 20%, 30% {or even more} in profits {about the same} trade.

The lesson {here’s} that, {despite the fact that} I’m always working towards big goals, it’s {the tiny} profits I’ve taken {on the way} that helped me get where {I’m} today. {You need to} keep things simple. You’re not {likely to} go out {and begin} making $50,000 on a trade if you’re {not used to} {very cheap stocks} , or {in the event that you} only have $1,000 in your portfolio. But if you’re focused about taking profits of $500 here and $1,000 there, you’re {likely to} {reach} that big goal eventually.

Lesson #2 – Money can’t buy you happiness

{That one} {is completely|is very} cliche, but it’s true. And {I really like} {just how} Steve explained it to the audience {inside our} conversation. What he said was, {in the event that you} don’t know your purpose, wealth and money {won’t} {cause you to} happy. And unfortunately, {in accordance with} him, {the average indivdual} dies never knowing why {these were} born {to begin with}. How heartbreaking is that?

{I’ve} a hunch that, since you’re here {scanning this}, {guess what happens} your purpose in this life is – and I’m guessing it isn’t to scrape by, {every single day}, while others {you live} the lifestyle {you need}. Maybe your purpose is travel . Maybe it’s giving to {your preferred} charity, or {looking after} {the household} members {which have} {looked after} you. {Once you learn} {your} purpose {would be to} become wealthy {also to} use your riches {to greatly help} others, you’re already {prior to the} game. {You merely} {have to} learn the practical skills {to create} money .

I’m living {proof} what Steve was {discussing} in this video. You all {understand that} {I really like} taking luxury vacations, and {I really like} buying expensive sports cars ({even though} I’m still {understanding how to} drive them). But while that {sort of} wealth and luxury is fun {for me personally}, it isn’t fulfilling. {Guess what happens} is? My teaching career. Teaching gives me {a complete} new opportunity {in my own} life to {function as} {sort of} mentor I {never really had}. Making trades doesn’t always get me out of bed {each morning}, but {realizing that|understanding that} I’ve got {a residential area} {filled with} students {looking forward to} me gets me {each and every time|each time}.

Lesson #3 – Find your community

Another tip I shared {in my own} interview with Steve that {I believe} deserves repeating {may be the} idea that, {in case you have|for those who have|when you have|should you have} a motivated community behind you, {that you can do|that can be done} things {you won’t ever} thought possible.

If you’ve ever wondered {how are you affected} {in my own} TIMAlerts {boards} , {all you need} {to accomplish} is {have a look at} my Twitter feed . I’m constantly posting {types of} my students {that are} making bank based {from} information shared between my students:

And I don’t just {do this} to brag. {I really do} that because I’ve never been shy {concerning the} {proven fact that} I’m not {the very best} trader {on the market}. I’m constantly {focusing on} new training programs to benefit my students , {therefore i} miss things. I miss news {that occurs}. I miss earnings winners {which are} announced. I miss premarket and after-hours spikes. {Nevertheless, you} {know very well what}? My students don’t. They’re {within} {each day}, supporting {each other}. They profit together**, {plus they} work together {to determine} what went wrong when trades go south.

{It truly is} {an unbelievable} environment, and it’s {one which} I’m proud {to become a} part of, {even while} it’s taken on a life of {its} – with or without me.

Lesson #4 – {Show patience}

I’m going {just a little} out of order from the video, but {I must say i} {need to} jump in {with this particular} lesson here. When I {let you know} that I’m not {the very best} trader, I {let you know} that for {grounds}. I only make about 75% of my trades. {Which means} that, {for each and every|for each} three successful trades I make where I {reach} bank a profit, {I’ve} {a different one} that loses me money. Sometimes it’s {a lot more} if I’ve been making stupid mistakes .

But I don’t let that stress me out, and I sure as hell don’t {allow it} stop me. I’m patient. I’ve {been with us} the {currency markets} long enough – going on {2 decades} now – {to learn} that, {so long as|provided that} I’m calm and careful, things will {change} {for me personally}.

If you’re making the {forms of} big leaps {that you experienced} that me and Steve suggest, you’re {likely to} make mistakes. It’s inevitable. It sucks, but it’s also {just about|virtually} unavoidable. {What counts} is {the method that you|the way you} handle them.

{In the event that you} let your mistakes {reach} you, you’re {likely to} get frustrated. If you’re trading, you’re {in big trouble} – emotions have {the energy} {to create} down even {probably the most} successful of traders {should they} aren’t controlled. But {regardless of what} you’re trying and what mistakes you’re experiencing, {permitting them to} {allow you to get} down serves nobody. {It can help} nobody. Look at them like learning opportunities. {The earlier} you {notice that} you can’t improve and grow without making mistakes, {the earlier} you’ll {reach} whatever {sort of} success you’re chasing.

Lesson #5 – Never stop challenging yourself

Clearly, I’ve done well financially with {very cheap stocks}. If I {wished to}, {I possibly could} stop trading and teaching tomorrow, {proceed to} Bali and spend {each day} {getting together with} my fiancee and {my children}. I’m financially set {forever} {at this time|at this stage}. I don’t {need to} work {a later date} {in my own} life {easily} don’t {desire to}.

But how boring would that be?

I trade and I teach because {I really like} the challenge. {I really like} {getting up} and {realizing that|understanding that} all {I’ve} {before} me are endless opportunities to profit on great penny stock plays {also to} help my students build real, generational wealth. How amazing is that? How {may i} ever {consider} quitting when, {each day}, I have {the opportunity to} {spending some time} on {a couple of things} I’m truly passionate about?

{I’d like} {one to} have that same {sort of} enthusiasm. I don’t care what you’re passionate about. {The planet} {is indeed} big {therefore} vast that there’s something {on the market} for everyone. {For me personally}, it’s teaching. {For you personally}, {it may be} art, or travel, or charity work. It doesn’t matter. {What counts} is that {you discover} it, {and you also} never stop challenging {you to ultimately} pursue it.

{I really like} this quote from Steve. {Go on it}, print it out and put it somewhere {you can observe|you can view} it {each morning}:

“{In the event that you} don’t have joy {once you} wake up {each morning} – {in the event that you} dread the sound {of one’s} alarm clock, {in the event that you feel} stagnant, or {when you have} {the sensation} that there’s {surely got to} be more {alive} than this – {you need to} stop doing whatever you’re doing. That’s {no chance} {to call home}. You’re merely existing. {You’ll} become exceptional {as soon as} you make {a fantastic} decision.”

How incredible is that?

So now, {I must} ask you {a significant} question. {Are you experiencing} joy {once you} wake up {each morning}? {Can you} hit {the bottom} running – {worked up about} what’s {before} you for {your day}? {I really do}, and {I’d like} you to {have the} {same manner} too.

Make {a fantastic} decision today. If that’s joining me {in my own} trading challenge {to be able to|to enable you to} {learn to|figure out how to|discover ways to} use {very cheap stocks} {to attempt to} work toward {the approach to life} {of one’s} dreams, I can’t wait {to meet up} you. If it’s {another thing}, all I ask is that you {invest in} it. {Invest in} your vision, {rather than} stop challenging yourself in the {quest for} {your very best} life.

{I want to} know by leaving a comment below what the exceptional decision you’re making is:

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