5 Best {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} {TO GET} Now & {How exactly to} {Create a} Strategy

Everyone {really wants to} {pick the best} {very cheap stocks} … but {how will you} {see them}? 

{In the end}, {you can find} literally {a large number of} stocks {to select from|to pick from}, with new ones being listed {each day}. It’s pretty {an easy task to} get overwhelmed. {How can you} even {commence to} narrow down {the options} {to discover the best} {very cheap stocks} in 2020? 

Ultimately, traders {need to} develop {their very own} {options for} choosing stocks. I’ll be honest: it’s gonna {devote some time}, {a huge amount of} studying, and {a lot of} practice. But there’s {very good news}, too…

{There are many} strategies {that will help|which will help} you kickstart {the procedure} {to become} a self-sufficient and savvy penny stock trader.

Wanna {find out more}? Let’s dig in. Here, we’ll {discuss} {just what a} penny stock is, {where to find} good {very cheap stocks}, and {how to proceed} once you’ve found a potential pick. 

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{Regardless of} the name, {very cheap stocks} actually {make reference to} stocks that trade {at under} $5 per share. Some might trade for fractions of {a cent}. Others cost {several} dollars per share.

{They are} tiny companies with {a huge amount of} volatility, low volume, and {risky}. 

I don’t love risk, but {I really believe} that the potential rewards {makes it} worthwhile. I’ve been trading low-priced stocks for over {twenty years}. As a teacher , my goal {would be to} help my students learn the lessons I’ve learned the hard way. 

{You could be|You may be|You will be} {among} my students. {Make an application for} my Trading Challenge now.

{Very cheap stocks} {use} both traditional {investing} {and also|along with|in addition to} short selling. But this isn’t position trading. Given the volatility, I typically don’t {store} {a cent} stock for {lengthy}. Some trades last only minutes. Others {may be} overnight or longer. 

You’ll find {very cheap stocks} on the OTCBB and pink sheets . {It is possible to} trade them {during your} trading account {like everyone else} would {any} stock. {Nevertheless, you} won’t {look for a} big {set of} {very cheap stocks} on the NYSE or other big exchanges.

supernova placement


News moves stocks. {That is} true {over the} board, {whether or not} you trade mega-cap companies or {very cheap stocks}.

{However in} the case of {very cheap stocks}, {the purchase price} swings {could be} huge. I’m talking prices {that may} {rise} 10, 50, even 800 times – and {in a nutshell} {schedules}. 

{Which means} if you’re {a good} trader who’s {ready to} do {your personal} research, {it is possible to} learn to {benefit from} a breakout (or breakdown, {on the other hand}).

{Needless to say}, {because} shares are cheaper {and you may|and you will|and you could} {have a} huge position doesn’t mean {you need to}. I’m {a large} fan of taking small profits and scaling up {as time passes}. A slow-but-steady approach {will help you} stay safe {over time}. 

{Do you know the} Best {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} {to get} Now?

{I want to} be super clear: {you must never} follow anyone else’s stock picks. Don’t just blindly trade {from} anyone’s “{top} 10 {very cheap stocks}” list or {the very best} {very cheap stocks} on Robinhood. Don’t just trade {predicated on} anyone’s watchlist – including mine.  

Why? Because so many factors {get into} these choices. {You will possibly not} {realize why} the stock is on a watchlist. 

And the ‘best {very cheap stocks} to buy’ change constantly. Honestly, these stocks {can transform} {between your} time I write the alert, send it out, and {enough time} {you obtain} and read it. {Very cheap stocks} can move fast.

But there’s still value in reviewing watchlists. And that’s why I send one out. {I’d like} {one to} understand {the procedure}. So, maybe by reading {concerning the} reasons I watch certain stocks, {it is possible to} pick up {strategies for} making {your personal} stock picks .


I don’t really {value} {the business} Technical Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: TCCO). What I {value} is its price action .

{This is} a short squeeze , {and the ones} who shorted big in the $5-$6 range got decimated. That’s {something special} for traders like me who went long and took {benefit of} the ridiculous spike while short-sellers panicked and pushed up {the purchase price} to over $10. 

{Taking into consideration the} day before {it had been} in the $2s, {that is} pretty astounding. I had {a lot of} students who took advantage… 

… like Profit.ly user kondash4 : “Thanks Tim! Just took 85 cents/share on $TCCO . Appreciate {all of the} help!”

… and RocUWorld : “{I’ve} learned so much… and {could} predict TCCO {prior to the} gap {around} 7+”


{The business} eMagin Corporation (NYSEAMERICAN: EMAN) makes organic light-emitting diode technology. What’s that? No clue. Here’s what I {value}: EMAN {includes a} history of spiking big. Like TCCO, EMAN {in addition has} spiked {close to the} open and failed very closely.

In {an incident} {such as this}, it’s {vital that you} watch a stock closely {predicated on} its volume to see what’s {waiting for you}. And you {desire to be} nimble. In {a recently available} Trading Challenge video, I explained how some stocks are showing signs of the January effect in December. 

Profit.ly user MiaPlateau gets it: “January effect {may appear} in December. {Begin looking} for companies with terrible charts in December for {they will have} potential to be viable trades with the January Effect.”


Ah, good ol’ Virgin Galactic Holdings (NYSE: SPCE). {They could} say they’re creating commercial spacecrafts, but I’m {actually just} {in to the} charts. This ticker had {a good} second-day spike … but personally, I sold {too early}

Ultimately, {this is} {an excellent} potential dip buy {right into a} morning panic. {Also it} gave me a lesson {to instruct}. {Section of} why I trade {is indeed} that {I could} share EVERY trade publicly and use my experiences {to instruct} my students.


Diffusion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: DFFN) was a spiker that I traded recently. {I purchased} it {from} its highs in {the reduced} $0.60s, hoping {it could} break {your day} highs.

I took {a little} position and made a small win , but got out fast. I was {longing for} a spike {nonetheless it} was {having difficulty} at premarket highs {therefore i} took the single and got out {therefore i} {will make} a video {to instruct} from {the knowledge}!  

I wasn’t {the only person} who got in {with this} one. {Have a look at} what Profit.ly user Sparrowhawk says:

“It feels good {to learn} I’m {on the right course} when there’s an alert of a buy that you made and I made {exactly the same} buy at {exactly the same} price. {Understanding how to} sell sooner {therefore i} pushed myself {to market} quickly {instead of} holding {too much time} and losing any profit. Thanks Tim”


Clovis Oncology (NASDAQ: CLVS) could change {the planet} … {however in} my experience most {very cheap stocks} don’t go {any place in} {the long term}. 

But here’s what {I really do} {value}: recently, it’s been bouncing off its recent multi-day lows as shorts are covering … so I’m seeing {a variety of} setups {that may be|that might be} buys {for me personally}.  

Profit.ly user Bloodhound profited from {the purchase price} action and continues {to boost} by learning from experience:

“thx, Tim! took {just a little} from CLVS but got scared out {because of} poor action. In @ 10.75 out @ 11.249. As you say, the bounce just didn’t happen {needlessly to say}. {Attempting to} practice better habits.”

[Please {remember that} these results aren’t typical. These students {devote} {enough time} and dedication {and also have} exceptional skills and knowledge. Most traders {lose cash}. {Remember} trading is risky … never risk {a lot more than} {it is possible to} afford.]

{Where to find} {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} Before They’re Pumped

{If you need to|In order to} trade {very cheap stocks}, you’ve gotta understand stock pumps .

It plays out {such as this}: {an organization} or promoter hypes up a microcap stock {to obtain} {as much} investors {as you possibly can} {to get} in. 

The stock price {rises} briefly {due to the} surge {popular}. {However the} stock’s inflation is artificial. There’s no real {reason behind} the price {to move up}. So eventually, it plummets {back off}.

Crappy, right? But as a trader, {it is possible to} exploit pumps by {getting back in} early. {In the event that you} spot a potential pump, {you can purchase} in {and obtain} out before it spikes then fails. {The main element} is learning {how exactly to} spot a pump. 

{A very important factor} {to consider}? Subtle accumulation. A promoter {will start} gathering large positions in the stock, {however in} small chunks {in order} {never to} alert other investors before promoting the stock. 

{What things to} {Search for} in Penny Stocks 

What {in the event you} {search for} in potential {very cheap stocks} to trade?

Well, {this will depend}. 

{You have to|You should} {think about the} market conditions and the stock {involved} on a case-by-case basis. {For instance}, {I would} dip-buy a stock and short sell it {a couple weeks} later. You’ve {surely got to} {figure out how to} adapt. 

However, {there are some} key steps I {try} find strong trades. Let’s discuss…

{Where to find} the Best {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} in 10 Steps

Tim Sykes studying and trading
Millionaire Media, LLC

These 10 steps {certainly are a} great {starting place} for finding strong contenders for {very cheap stocks} to trade. 

1. Research {the business}

{The best} trader {is really a} smart trader. 

{Among the} first {things you can do} when {choosing} a stock {would be to} {supply the} company {involved} {an instant} Google search. No, this won’t {offer you} {all of the} answers. {Nonetheless it} {will help you} determine {if the} stock {will probably be worth} more thorough research.

{For instance}, if {the business} seems really sketchy … if its website {is a} Facebook page {and you also} can’t {look for a} {home address} … those {could possibly be} bad signs. 

{Focus on} the Google News tab, too. {You may get|You will get|You can find|You can obtain} {plenty of} information quickly {in regards to a} company {predicated on} past news releases and articles. 

2. {Search for} Volatility

{Whenever choosing} {very cheap stocks}, you’ve {surely got to} {go through the} price volatility.  

With {very cheap stocks}, you’re not {searching for} slow-moving, months-long uptrends or downtrends. You’re {searching for} stocks {which are} rapidly spiking. 

The fast-moving stocks {are often} {those that} {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} look at as {a cent} stock trader. 

{Nowadays}, {there are several} great tools {to assist you} {evaluate} losers and gainers. {This assists} you {set up a} {starting place} for potential trades. 

{I really like} using StocksToTrade {because you} {can simply} filter on {the largest} gainers (or losers). 

{Think about} it {in this manner}: {In case a} stock hardly moves at all, there isn’t any activity. You’ll have few buyers and sellers. {Which means} you can’t {have a} large position – or worse – {you may have} trouble {eliminating|removing} your shares.

Remember, volatility {could be a} good thing. {This means} there’s action, whether up or down. And {that may} potentially {allow you to get} WAY ahead.

3. {Search for} Volume

Volatility isn’t {the only real} factor {that will help|which will help} you determine strong choices {whenever choosing} good {very cheap stocks}. Liquidity matters too. {Regardless of} how enticing a company’s {news release} may look, if there’s {very little} volume behind it, don’t trade it.

{The quantity} is the {amount of} shares that change {practical} {confirmed} day. Volume {will help you} {complete} more {bits of} the trading puzzle, {providing you} {a far more} accurate {consider the} activity and viability of {an excellent} penny stock to trade.

Normally, I don’t like {stock trading} with under 200,000 shares traded {each day}. If I {wish to be|desire to be} conservative, {I possibly could} {opt for} 500,000 {merely to} be extra safe.

Essentially, high volume {implies that} there’s {fascination with} a stock . {Once you} {opt to} sell, {you almost certainly} won’t {battle to} {look for a} buyer, {and when} {you will want} large position, {it is possible to} take one.

4. {Search for} Catalysts

A catalyst is {a thing that} precipitates {a significant} event. In the {currency markets}, a catalyst is any news – good or bad – {that may} move a stock’s price .   

{For instance}, say {you find} a company {news release} for Company X announcing {a fresh} product release. Even {the news headlines} of a release {may have} a major {effect on} the stock’s value, {if the} product’s successful or not. 

Other {types of} catalysts include mergers, sales, major personnel changes, company scandals … {you obtain} {the theory}. 

So if you’re considering a stock, {look} {for just about any} catalyst {which could} {provide you with a|offer you a} good reason {to trust} that the stock might {continue steadily to} move. 

{As time passes}, by scouting {the news headlines} for catalysts and watching how they make stocks move, you’ll {commence to} {get yourself a} better {notion of} what to {watch out for}.

5. {Pay attention to} What Others {SAY}

It’s good {to hear} the buzz on {the road} about {very cheap stocks}. But {these suggestions} {has a|includes a} HUGE warning…

While it’s OK {to look at} what people {say} on {social media marketing} and in {boards}, {go on it} with a grain of salt. {Utilize it} {to aid} the case {for the} trade – {much less} {your final} decision-maker. 

{You must never} blindly follow another penny stock trader or promoter’s lead {as it pertains} {time and energy to} buy.

{In my own} Trading Challenge , {one of the primary} things I {try to} teach is {how exactly to} think {on your own}. Learning {whatever you} can and observing {what realy works} for others isn’t just {so that you can} copy what others are doing…

Instead, {you need to} observe and learn {the procedure}. Then use your knowledge to forge {your personal} path and {create a} trading career that’s authentic and appropriate {for you personally}. 

6. {HAVE MORE} {UNDERSTANDING OF} Penny Stock Patterns

History repeats itself … {type of}. {If you ask me}, history never repeats itself to the letter – {nonetheless it} {can provide} you {a fairly} good indication {about how exactly} a play {my work} out. 

I typically trade {in line with the} same key patterns . {They could} morph and change {just a little}, {however they} stay mostly {exactly the same}. {I love} boring but reliable. 

{I will} clarify {a spot} here: I don’t teach patterns {so that you can} memorize them. It’s about understanding them, {to be able to|to enable you to} anticipate and {respond to} them {later on}. {When you start} {to comprehend} patterns, you’ll {note that} {you can find} always opportunities. 

{Among} my most successful students, Tim Grittani , {is fantastic|is excellent} at identifying patterns… 

He’s improved {through the years} by {monitoring} his trades and reviewing them {as time passes}. {This can help} him identify patterns, both {on the market} and in {their own} trading. {Up to now}, it’s working well for him: {up to now}, he’s made over $8 million in profits!**

7. {Think about the} {Period}

It’s {vital that you} {select a} strategy that {works together with} your schedule. 

Here’s {finished .}: {the very best} stocks to trade {depends} on {enough time} of day you’re trading. 

{For instance}, while trading during college, my six-figure student Mike Huddie {centered on} {morning hours} plays so he could trade {but nonetheless} {ensure it is} to class. 

{However the} {period} can change {the method that you|the way you} trade. Stocks {that produce} for great morning plays (like this great penny stock pattern ) {may be} total losers later in the trading day. 

{Interested in} {the very best} times to trade? {Have a look at} this post.  

8. {Absorb} Debt

{In case a} company {includes a} ton of debt, {which can be} a red flag. 

Choosing good {very cheap stocks} means {considering} {an organization} from all angles, including its financial health.

I mostly {depend on} technical analysis , but it’s {vital that you} take {the basics} {into consideration}, too. So {take time to} look at earnings reports and see what’s going on with {the business}. 

Often, {this may} {offer you} some clues {regarding the} company’s health. {In case a} company is swimming {with debt}, it’s {most likely not} {an excellent} indication of long-term success. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t trade the stock, {nonetheless it} {may be} a cue {to regulate} your strategy. 

9. Find {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} With Favorable Liquidity Ratios

Every company has assets and debts. The comparison {between your} two {is named} the liquidity ratio.

{For instance}, say {a} company has $100,000 {with debt} and $50 million in assets.

Yes, it has debt … but overall, {it is a} favorable liquidity ratio.

Why? {As the} assets outweigh the debts, meaning {the business} has working capital. {In a nutshell}, {they will have} money {to create} things happen. {This may} show that the stock holds promise for future price action. 

10. {Work with a} Stock Screener 

Why spend unnecessary time filtering down {your alternatives} of stocks to trade {whenever there are} programs {that will help|which will help} you {take action} {quicker} and easily?

A stock screener {will help you} narrow down {your alternatives} {in line with the} criteria that you set. Stock screeners {enable you to|permit you to} search {by way of a} {amount of} factors, {such as for example} volume, volatility, market capitalization, {and much more}.

It’s no big secret that StocksToTrade is my fave. I {contributed to} the platform’s design. So it’s {packed with} features and custom screening tools that help traders {as if you} and me {find a very good} {very cheap stocks}.

{Where to find} {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} on StocksToTrade

{Interested in} {how exactly to} use StocksToTrade ’s custom screening tools? {Have a look at} this handy video {on how best to} {utilize it}. 

Remember: StocksToTrade isn’t {only a} stock screener. It’s also {an excellent} tool {so you can get} market news, researching {a particular} company, and {searching for} chart patterns.

{How exactly to} {Think of a} {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} List – Best {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} Watchlist

A watchlist {is really a} short {set of} stocks that you’re watching and considering trading. By curating and editing your list on a frequent basis, you’ll {will have} stocks {to view} and research. {Which means} you’ll {prepare yourself} to pounce {should they} hit your desired {cost range}.

Want more {on which} a watchlist is and {developing} {a good} one? {Have a look at} this post

Key {Ideas to} {Create a} Penny Stock Strategy

Every trader {will need} {a technique}. To {a particular} degree, {this can} develop {with time}. But to crystallize certain {considerations}, {here are some} key tips:

  • Respect risk. It’s {vital that you} {notice that} risk is inherent to trading. Don’t ignore risk – respect it. {Actually}, I want {one to} hate risk so much that you’ll do {your very best} {in order to avoid} it! 
  • {Think about your} goals. Why {would you like to} trade {very cheap stocks}? Be {clear} {on your own} personal goals and objectives {to assist you} {concentrate on} strategies {that may|which will} work best {for you personally}.
  • Start small. Remember: {you can find} no guarantees in trading. NEVER trade {a lot more than} {it is possible to} afford {to reduce} .
  • {Get yourself a} mentor. By {searching for} a mentor who’s been down this road before you, {it is possible to} shorten your learning curve. Seeing someone else’s successes and mistakes {might help} you avoid common pitfalls
  • Don’t force trades. Don’t trade {because} you feel {enjoy it}. {Await} trades {that produce} sense and that work {inside your} established trading plan . {Once you} {make an effort to} force trades, you’re making {the procedure} riskier {than it requires} to be. 

{Learn to} Invest With Pros! Join My Trading Challenge

As I’ve mentioned, a mentor {could be} key in {assisting you} {increase} your trading learning curve.

I {never really had} a mentor, and I’ve made {a lot of} mistakes. And that’s {why} I’m a teacher and mentor today. I {try to} be the {sort of} mentor I wish I’d had. 

I created my Trading Challenge {predicated on} my 20+ years of experience in the {currency markets}. I have {an enormous} library of videos , webinars, and {an incredible} community of like-minded traders {to keep} you motivated. And that’s {just some of} the perks. 

{I really like} helping traders find their stride in the {currency markets} – {in ways} that’s unique for them. {This isn’t} a {get rich quickly} scheme. It’s all {your decision}. 

{Do you want to} get {seriously interested in} your trading education and really {devote} the work? {Make an application for} my Trading Challenge today. 


Trading low-priced stocks is how I became a millionaire, {so you might} say I’m a fan.**

There’s {too much to} love in this niche … Low-priced stocks {tend to be more} accessible to traders with small accounts , {plus they} have the potential {to cultivate} your account fast.

But these stocks {include} {a lot of} risk. {You must} {create a} solid knowledge base, craft {a solid} strategy, and {know how} the penny {currency markets} works.

{They are} companies with high volume and volatility, so it’s critical {to comprehend} what you’re doing before you dive in .  

{Pick} is to {spend money on} your education account before throwing money at trades. Be better {ready to} make smart trading decisions: {Begin by} {trying to get} my Trading Challenge.

[**Note {these} results aren’t typical. Do your {homework} on every trade. Most traders {lose cash}. {Remember} trading is risky … never risk {a lot more than} {it is possible to} afford.]

What’s {your individual} {technique for} finding and trading {the very best} {very cheap stocks}? Leave a comment!

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