3 Steps to being more productive ({even though} {you are feeling} lazy)

Do {guess what happens} most productivity “experts” hope you’ll never {learn}?

The tips they spout and the apps they sell are total BS. {Professionals} themselves don’t {use} them!

Honesty Bath time: When was {the final} time you downloaded an app that {you’re} sure {would} {cause you to} more productive, used it {for under} a day, {and} forgot {about any of it}?

Was it this month? This week? {Today}?

What {concerning the} last time you killed the day’s productivity reading articles like “100 Successful People {EDUCATE YOU ON} How to {BECOME MORE} Productive” all afternoon?

Let’s be honest, {are you currently} doing that {at this time}!?

Enough {will do}.

Here are 3 steps to being more productive {which come} from my mentor and Stanford professor, BJ Fogg:

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Almost anyone who’s {prevailed} {includes a} similar story of failure before triumph.

But the difference between average and productive people is that average {folks are} blindsided by failure {and present} up when it strikes.

Productive people, {alternatively}, actively {look for} failure {since they} know success is {on the other hand}.

BJ Fogg and I sat down and {discussed} how we {may use} failure and “motivational waves” {to your} advantage {when} {other folks} tire out, {we are able to} have {something} {to check out} through.

How {you can begin|you could start} using this {at this time}:

  1. Make {a summary of} {all you need} {to access} accomplish your goal
  2. Set up those pieces {to create} it impossible to fail

Here’s {several} {types of} what {that may} {appear to be}:

BJ Fogg {wished to} {drink much more} tea. So he bought {all of the} tea, {a power} kettle to boil water, and set everything up in easy reach on his counter. {Even though} he felt like drinking {another thing}, it was {there}, {so that it} was a no-brainer {to create}.

I was {attempting to} form a gym habit. I’d {get right up} {each day} {likely to} go, but {following a} {short while} decide {never to}. I discovered {that when} I put my gym clothes and my shoes {close to} my bed, {I’d} {hook them up to} {very first thing} and by {that time}, I “{may as well}” just go.

Chandler Bolt of The Productive Person wrote 365 {many thanks} notes {this past year} by pre-stamping and adding address labels to batches of 50 cards. By keeping the cards {near by}, he {could} make it {an easy task to} write and send the cards with or without motivation.

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Screenshot of Ramit's Calendar System

See how it’s {not just a} super advanced {group of} apps? I purposely {ensure it is} easy on myself {therefore i} can {continue} and easily update it.

EXECUTION is more important {compared to the} tactic itself.

How {you can begin|you could start} using this {at this time}:

  1. Decide {in advance} and map out your schedule for the week either, {in writing|in some recoverable format} or in {a straightforward} calendar system
  2. Set an alert in your calendar or {on your own} phone {to examine} this {weekly}. Keep thinking ahead, and you’ll never be caught off guard or pressed for time

Step 3: Develop laser-guided focus

In the video above, BJ Fogg {discusses} “competing motivations” – sometimes even our best efforts to be productive are thwarted because {another thing} {occurs}.

Sometimes {they are} external distractions: {a crisis} comes up, {we’ve} family demands, and work gets busy.

But {in the same way} often, we cannibalize one goal by shifting focus {to some other}. {The effect|The end result}? We don’t make much progress on either.

Developing FOCUS and {having the ability to} put {ideas} on hold {is really a} skill that almost guarantees we make progress {on which} matters. {I want to} show you {why}.

One of my {good friends}, Noah Kagan, a former employee of Mint and Facebook and the founder of AppSumo, showed me {the energy} {of experiencing} laser-guided focus – he {could} start {not just one}, but two multimillion-dollar businesses that {continue steadily to} see growth {every year}.

He does this by setting one big goal {at the same time}.

How’s {you are able to do|you can certainly do} the same {at this time}:

  1. Pick your {number 1} goal. {Could it be} earning {additional money}? Starting {a small business}? Finding your Dream Job?
  2. Grab a pen and paper and write it down. Really, {do that} now. This isn’t a silly “thought exercise.” We’re {achieving this} to commit ourselves {to 1} {plan of action} and follow through

Advanced Productivity Systems: Create habits {it is possible to} stick to

As {you might have} noticed, our struggles with {how exactly to} be productive {are actually} struggles with creating habits – {which explains why} I {come up with} {the most effective} material on setting goals, creating habits that stick, riding motivational waves, and getting back {on the right track} ({should anyone ever} fall off).

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