3 proven systems {to get} (and raise) freelance hourly rates

Deciding on a freelance hourly rate {could be} nerve-wracking – {particularly if} you’re {a fresh} freelancer.

You don’t {desire to} charge {an excessive amount of} and lose {clients}. On the other hand, you don’t {desire to} undersell yourself and {overlook} potential profits.

So what’s {a fresh} freelancer {to accomplish}?

Luckily, {you can find} three proven systems {which you can use} {to locate a} good freelance hourly rate {to begin with}. I’m {likely to} walk you through {each one of these} and even {offer you} real-life {types of} rates many freelancers use {each day}.

Let’s {begin}.

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  • This {is merely} {the beginning}. It’s {an easy task to} get dejected as {a fresh} freelancer {once you} look at your first freelance hourly rate. It’s {likely} to be {lower in} all likelihood. {You may} even {work with} free occasionally while you’re {accumulating} {an excellent} portfolio.BUT it’s {vital that you} {remember that} this won’t be your salary forever. {It could} seem low {initially} – but freelancing {enables you to} scale {your wages|your profits}. That’s {section of the|area of the|portion of the} reason why {I REALLY LIKE} it so much.
  • Later, I’ll {demonstrate} exactly how {it is possible to} scale your freelance hourly rate so you’re earning more. {For the present time}, let’s jump {in to the} first system {to get} an hourly rate.

    When to (logically) {increase your} hourly rate

    The question of when {to improve} your rates {is really as} important – {or even more} important – as {just how much} {you need to} raise.

    After all, you don’t {desire to} throw {an enormous} rate increase {on your own} client {once you} just signed {on your} first project {using them}. YOU HAVEN’T PROVEN {YOU TO ULTIMATELY} THEM YET!!

    Why {as long as they} pay you {additional money} {once you} haven’t given them anything worth paying more for?

    Instead, you’re {likely to} {boost your} rate only {once you} deliver a high-value product.

    I’ll say that again: {Boost your} rate {once you} deliver your client a high-value product.

    Did you…

    • Just finish a {squeeze page|website landing page} that generated {a huge amount of} qualified leads?
    • Create {a contact} campaign with a record-high open rate?
    • Have a {post} go viral and increase traffic by 200%?

    That’s why {I REALLY LIKE} increasing rates. It encourages you – the freelancer – {to accomplish} great work and deliver fantastic products while letting {your client} know that {you need to be|you ought to be|you have to be} valued.

    And {once the} client knows {your} work {is fantastic|is excellent}, they’re {more prone to} refer {one to} others – which brings us {to your} FIRST {strategy to} {boost your} rates…

    Freelance hourly rate system #1: Drop three zeros

    Remember your goal salary? Take that number and drop three zeros {as a result}.

    Voila, you have an hourly rate!

    For example, say you’d {enjoy} to earn {at the very least} $40,000. Just drop the three zeros from {the finish} and you {will have} your rate: $40 / hour.

    “Hey! That math doesn’t make any sense,” {you may be|you could be} saying. “{EASILY} work eight hours {each day} for $40 {one hour}, my salary {will be} $76,800 {per year}!”

    That’s true. However, this {guideline} accounts for {the truth that} you won’t be working eight hours {each day} in your freelancing role. Sporadic hours and spans of time {once you} just don’t have work {to accomplish} {may be the} nature of freelancing.

    Also, {the customers} don’t {need to} pay taxes and benefits. You do. {Additionally you} {may need to} cover {a few of} {your personal} materials or transportation costs.

    This method {is probably not|may not be} good if you’re {attempting to} charge {for the} {initial} client. You’re still new {in the end}. BUT it {can provide} you {advisable} of {where you are able to} go and charge later {once you} get experience.

    If you’re still stuck {on which} your goal salary {ought to be}, {have a look at} sites like PayScale or Glassdoor {once and for all} average pay rates {for the} freelance gig.

    Freelance hourly rate system #2: Double your resentment number

    I love {that one} because it’s effective AND it’ll {change from} {individual to individual}.

    Ask yourself: What’s {the cheapest} rate I’ll {work with} that’ll leave me resentful of {might work}? This {the quantity} {that’s} your floor – the absolute lowest amount you’ll {work with}, but you’ll resent {the task} because it’s so low.

    Once you have that number, now double it. {That’s} your hourly rate.

    Say you’ll {work with} $10 / hour {at least|at the minimum}. You won’t {enjoy it} but you’ll {take action}. Now just double that number {and that means you|which means you} get your freelance hourly rate of $20 / hour.

    Now, {I’d like} you to {you need to be} really careful {concerning the} double your resentment strategy because it’s {an easy task to} get delusional {about any of it} – {particularly if} you’re a beginner.

    I know because {I have already been} very, very delusional {in my own} day. {I recall} when I started {an organization} {some time} back. We grew it {a bit}, and {suddenly}, we had {some individuals} {speaking with} us about potentially {purchasing the} company. But we were completely delusional {about how exactly} much {it had been} worth.

    When we met to negotiate with someone about {purchasing the} company, he said, “{Just what exactly} {can you} guys think? Any numbers {in your mind}?” And we {sort of} danced {round the} subject, but ultimately, we got {right down to} {lots} we thought was fair – and he literally laughed.

    He asked, “How’d you guys {arrived at} that number?” And we really had no justification. We just said, “Yeah, that’s what we’re worth. We {believe that|believe} {that might be} {a good} number. {You understand}, {we’re able to} brag {to your} friends {about any of it}.”

    Of course, it had no basis {the truth is}.

    Now, your resentment number {is most likely} equally delusional. {You might} say, “Oh, I wouldn’t tutor someone {for under} $25.00 {one hour}.” {The simple truth is}, {you may want to} {do this}, especially {initially} {to really get your} first few clients.

    After {you obtain} three, four, five paying clients, you’re {likely to} have {a far greater} idea {in what} your real resentment number is.

    Freelance hourly rate system #3: Do what {another} guy does

    I {enjoy} this method {due to its|due to the} simplicity.

    When in doubt, do what {another} guy does.

    What does this mean? {Discover the} going rate for other freelancers in your experience level and charge that amount {or simply} {just a little} above.

    Many freelancers hate {to listen to} this. They’d rather say {things such as}, “Charge {everything you} think you’re worth and ignore {everybody else}!”

    Sorry, but here’s {possible} check: Supply and demand are real.

    As {a person who|somebody who} frequently hires freelancers, {I could} {verify} this. {Some time} back, I had two different freelancers charging two different prices. I’m {discussing} {an improvement} of 100%.

    Both freelancers were equal in quality. However, one was charging DOUBLE {another} one {since they} clearly didn’t know the going rate.

    Who {do you consider} I hired? {Needless to say}, I’m not {likely to} pay double {the purchase price}. As {litigant}, I’m {choosing} the cheaper option!

    That’s why it’s so important {to get the} going rate and charge {add up to} that {or simply} {a bit} over (~10% more).

    Here {certainly are a} few good ways {you could find|you will find|you will discover|you can get} the going rate:

    • Check job listings on sites like Glassdoor to see {how many other} companies are paying.
    • Go on sites like Upwork and Fiverr to see what freelancers charge.
    • Google average hourly rates {for the} specific industry.
    • Ask {friends and family} or colleagues {who’ve} hired freelancers before.
    • Ask any freelancer friends of yours what they charged.

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    “{At this time|At this stage}, {nearly all} my clients and contracts come through referrals,” says LaPointe. “When clients are {pleased with} what I’ve done, it’s natural {to allow them to} recommend me {with their} friends and colleagues.”

    And {requesting} referrals {is simple} – {when you have} {the proper} script.

    Luckily, {we’ve} {a successful} script from our article on how {to obtain} clients {to assist you} {require} referrals:


    I’m so {pleased to} hear that you enjoyed {might work}. {Once you learn} of {other people} who’s {searching for} my services {aswell}, I’d be grateful {in the event that you} passed my contact information along {in their mind}.

    Thank you,


    It’s simple, direct, and gets results.

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