3 creative writing careers {that truly} pay (Get Your Dream Job or Find Your First Client)

I found {a female} {would you} creative writing of Fiverr.

For $5, she’ll take your assignment, {search through} mountains of research, compile {her very own} notes, and write {an excellent}, cited piece {for you personally}.

For $5.

{Is it possible to} believe it? I cringe when {I believe} {about how exactly} much she earns for {one hour} of work. It’s {not} enough for a cup of Starbucks coffee.

Intuitively, {we realize} this writer {ought to be} {charging much more}. Too bad she isn’t.

Compare that to my {among} Zero to Launch graduates, Felicia:

Zero To Launch Graduate Felicia

Zero To Launch Graduate Felicia

Felicia {is really a} professional copywriter and {web business} owner.

She {includes a} thriving business where she can write {an individual} email to her readers, hit send, {watching} orders pour into her inbox. {Actually}, she earns {around} $10,000 {monthly} from her {web business}.

Bonus: Some say writing ridiculously good content {your} audience loves is hard. I’ll {demonstrate} {steps to make} it easy with my FREE guide to dominating {your task} interview and getting an offer.

That’s option 1. But if writing in a corporate setting doesn’t sound appealing, you have {additional options}.

Bonus: {Desire to} turn your {imagine} {working at home} {right into a} reality? Download my Find your first client {within the next} 6 weeks! 3. Turn a blog {right into a} business
This is {the best} way to {earn money} with creative writing.
With an {web business}, {you can} {discuss} things {you love}: your hobbies, interests, {and also} weird {things such as} your love of hot sauce or your amazing ironing skills.
{I understand} it sounds crazy, but there’s an audience {for nearly} anything. {And also} if you’re {uncertain} how to {still do it} now, {it is possible to} {create a} business {predicated on} {your specific} skills and experiences.
Take me, {for instance}. When I started {this web site} {back} 2004, it wasn’t {a small business}. It was {only a} simple blog I wrote out of my dorm room at Stanford.
And I had no idea what I was doing. Look {how lousy} my design was:
{I'LL} {EDUCATE YOU ON} To Be Rich Old {WEB PAGE DESIGN} Screenshot
{I'LL} {EDUCATE YOU ON} To Be Rich Old {WEB PAGE DESIGN} Screenshot Early I was clueless. I had no idea {ways to get} traffic, {developing} {a contact} list, or {how exactly to} design a webpage.
My only goal was {to create} great content {that folks} would {tell} their friends.

And it worked.

After awhile, I {developed} a following of {several} thousand readers. And I thought, “{Guess what happens}? Why don’t {I simply} {develop a} small product and see {what goes on}?”

So I {made a decision to} launch a $4.95 ebook. {It had been} called, “Ramit’s 2007 Guide to Kicking Ass.”

Ramit Sethi's 2007 Guide to Kicking Ass eBook Cover

Ramit Sethi's 2007 Guide to Kicking Ass eBook Cover

My first product: a terribly priced, terribly positioned ebook.

I was terrified that nobody would buy it.

But {then your} orders started rolling in:

Ramit Sethi's First Sale Invoice

Ramit Sethi's First Sale Invoice

My first sale – a measly $4.95, {nonetheless it} was a start.

Fast forward {a couple of years}. I’ve created 18+ products {which have} generated {huge amount of money} in sales.

IWT's Revenue Growth From 2009 To 2015 Chart

IWT's Revenue Growth From 2009 To 2015 Chart

IWT’s revenue growth.

It’s {an easy task to} {consider the} chart above and say, “{should be} nice.” {However in} reality, {everything} started with {the easy} decision {to help keep} writing my blog and turn my passion {right into a} real business.

I {achieved it}, and {since that time} I’ve shown {a large number of} people {how exactly to} do {exactly the same}. {It is possible to}, too.

Turn your writing {right into a} {people} love

If {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} see how {it is possible to} turn {a concept} for a blog {right into a} business, I {come up with} {a particular} report {for you personally}.

It’s {free}. {Also it} walks you through {the initial} steps {of earning} sure {your site} {could have} an audience – {before you begin} writing.

Just enter your {email} below, and I’ll send it {immediately}.

Turn your writing {right into a} {people} love

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