10 Lessons With A Newly Minted Millionaire Trader

{A couple of days} ago I wrote the post “Announcing {ANOTHER|JUST ONE MORE} Millionaire Student” where I told {visitors to} guess who my next new trading challenge student was…it wasn’t {very difficult} as anyone who follows me closely {does know this} great trader has been {accumulating} to seven-figures {for quite some time} now:**

He’s come {quite a distance} {since i have} highlighted him {a couple of years} ago in {this website} post {which} webinar he gave for trading challenge students too:

{And today} he’s finally {in to the} seven-figure profit club,** see ALL his trades here (unlike {the countless} fakers who post a screenshot {once in a while} {of these} trades, {a few of} whom even photoshop them and pretend {to reach your goals}, my top trading challenge students and I show EVERY trade publicly, win or lose {so that you can} see {not merely} the profit/loss outcome, {but additionally} {just how much} $ was risked and our trade plan too, hence why I encourage {one to} just assume most traders are {filled with} it {if they} {constitute} excuse after excuse why they can’t be fully transparent!), {therefore i} made this little congratulatory video and I’d appreciate you leaving {an email} of congratulations for Mark too in the comments section under {this website} post!

{In the end}, it’s no easy task {to create} seven-figures in {very cheap stocks} and {apart from} just {the amount of money}, Maerk has studied his butt off to become self-sufficient so he doesn’t need me anymore WHATSOEVER and {I’d like} that {for several} my students! **

{Be sure you} apply here for my trading challenge as it’s {not only} me teaching anymore, Mark Croock, Michael Goode and Tim Grittani all give webinars {and so are} in the trading challenge student chatroom most days, alerting their plays and giving real-time commentary too…hence why that chatroom is my single most favorite chatroom {on the web}!

Download a PDF version {of the} post as PDF.

Anyway, {listed below are} 10 solid penny {trading} tips Mark {for you personally} so read them, study them, even say them outloud and {take down notes} {in it} if that helps…also read this great post “Print These 36 Commandments {THAT YOU NEED TO|THAT YOU OUGHT TO} Live By” he guest wrote {for me personally} {a time} {when} he was celebrating his birthday and we sat courtside NBA at Spurs/Warriors game {soon after} having {an excellent} dinner with NBA basketball legend David Robinson too!

{Understand that} {nobody|no-one} penny stock {can make} you rich, {the main element} in this game {isn’t} believing {in virtually any} of {the firms} or their BS hype, {simply using} their hype machines and their stocks’ volatility {to cultivate} your accounts, one small trade at time…that’s how ALL my top millionaire trading challenge students and {I’ve} achieve seven-figure success** as small gains {accumulate} {as time passes} and it’s SO {easier} to make {a lot of money} {this way}, one little single {at the same time} {rather than} being impatient, not following rules and {taking a} home run (like {I did so} {in my own} book here where cost me $500,000+ in personal losses and ALL my hedge fund’s credibility)

{Listed below are} Mark’s 10 top {strategies for} newbies, enjoy them and remember again to please congratulate Mark in the comments {portion of} {this website} post below {when i} know he’d {be thankful|enjoy it} and we’re all in this together so {we have to} {figure out how to} support {one another} in good time and bad…and celebrate every milestone like when {among} my students passes $1 million in profits!

PS Please also, feel {absolve to} {add} any basics tips {you imagine} might be {beneficial to} others in the comments section below, newbies need {all of the} tips and rules {they are able to} get to {you shouldn’t be|don’t be} {yet another} statistic in this game where {we are able to} {Remember} that 90%+ of traders {lose cash}.

Hey Tim, {listed below are} ten lessons in no particular order that I {developed}!

1. {Will have} tangible goals and celebrate milestones {on the way}! It took me {many years} {going to} the $1 million goal** but {there have been} {a lot of} milestones {on the way}!

2. Don’t get cocky {following a} big win. It’s human nature to “relax” and lose poise especially {following a} long stretch of wins. Keep {your situation} size {in balance} especially {of these} times!

3. Winning habits are developed while {you start with} {a little} account! The PDT rule (which limits {someone to} three trades per five day rolling period) was extremely {good for} me when starting multiple small accounts! (Sykes note: I agree {when i} outline here)

4. Have realistic goals when entering a trade by {concentrating on} ideal risk/reward setups with meticulous entries!

5. {Adhere to} your 1-3 “bread and butter” strategies {and prevent|and steer clear of} playing guessing games on {the rest}.

6. {Recognize that} mistakes are always {part of} trading – {curb your} mistakes {in the same way} top professional athletes limit turnovers or unforced errors.

7. Use trade alerts as a learning tool, don’t follow anybody {right into a} trade or {you’ll} lose your ass.

8. Accept {if you are} wrong and cut losses quickly {whenever a} trade goes against you.

9. {Be sure you} keep {an extended} term perspective – {good and the bad} are {section of} trading but {an absolute} attitude {on the} {long term} wins the “race.”

10. Go the “extra mile” {to obtain} {on the} hump. {Speak to} successful traders and pick their brains {just as much as} {it is possible to} to see what differentiates them from {all of those other} pack!

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