10 Lessons {FROM THE} New $200,000+ Penny Stock Profit

{Top} 10 {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} Lessons

{Almost a year} ago my top student Tim Grittani wrote {this website} post “{STEPS TO MAKE} $200,000 {IN A SINGLE} Day With {VERY CHEAP STOCKS}: A 3,000 Word Detailed Lesson” {that is a} MUST READ {alone}, but it’s worth noting {that has been} {only a} small {part of} his journey from him {you start with} just $1,500 of {their own} money {and today} {making it} now nearly $6.4 million with every trade detailed here**

({instead of} the {too many} fakers who claim to be rich, but only show {several} screenshots, NOT {the nice}, bad AND ugly showing ALL trades publicly like ALL my top students do – don’t {trust me}? {Go on and} ask to see ALL trades, {not really a} few screenshots or total profits, of ANYONE who claims {to be always a} self-made {trading} expert/millionaire, just wait {and soon you} hear the creative excuses you’ll encounter…aka it’s good to be real {within an} industry {filled with} scammers/liars)

And that’s why I’m SO {pleased with} Tim Grittani, {not only} for his awesome dedication to studying, adapting and becoming {a straight} better/more complete trader, his continued humbleness, his helpfulness in the trading challenge chatroom {combined with the|together with the} awesome webinars and study guides he’s created (hit me up here for a deal on his MUST WATCH study guide), {the amount of money} he’s made is nice, but {moreover}, he’s FULLY TRANSPARENT about his gains AND losses {plus some} of the big risks he’s taken/learned from {previously|during the past} and that’s a model more traders should follow {when i} see {much too} much dishonesty and editing of facts and that hurts {not merely} progress/potential of the trader himself/herself, {but additionally} {the complete} trading community {that includes a} rather nasty reputation {at this time} due to {all of the} liars.

Download a PDF version {of the} post as PDF.

So, please do read Tim Grittani’s new {post} entitled “Recapping My Best Trade Ever – $212,000 CVSI Long” and {study from} this awesome new trade outlined here:**

And {listed below are} my {top} 10 takeaways {out of this} trade:

1. Tim Grittani resisted taking profits {too early} by {concentrating on} the chat and {allowing it to} play out…he even removes his profit/loss column from his screens {in order} {never to} be tempted {and present} a play maximum {time and energy to} play out {based on the} pattern, {in this instance|in cases like this}, {a fairly} perfect breakout.

2. {Way too many} people hate on {very cheap stocks} saying there’s no {a lot of money} and that {it could} never be predictable. ..wrong on both counts, {you merely} need patience {to hold back} {to get the best|to find the best} plays {such as this}.

3. {Way too many} bitter short sellers think {you must never} {purchase a} penny stock {because of} {insufficient} fundamentals, {yet} {a few of the} best-performing stocks are companies with {hardly any} or weak fundamentals…hype and technical analysis can play great roles in pushing stocks {greater than} any solid fundamentals can.

4. This trade Tim Grittani did was so well executed not {due to} luck, but because he’s been refining his trading strategy and process {for quite some time}, never {quite happy with} what he’s already accomplished, always {centered on} what more {he is able to} do in the future…the perfect perspective and key to his continuing success.

5. Tim Grittani {may be the} man.

6. {Some individuals} {consider the} trade details here and can’t fathom why someone would take {this type of} large position on {a cent} stock…well, it’s {not} large given {just how much} Tim Grittani has made {recent} years and in those years he’s developed enough confidence to trade with larger size.

7. {Consider the} chart {of the} stock that Tim G. banked on…the breakout {generally is} perfect so {show patience} and {await} solid charts {such as this} as they {usually do not} happen {each day}.

8. {Have significantly more} confidence/patience buying {very cheap stocks} {that truly} do {involve some} fundamentals, {instead of} blatant pumps, as Tim G. {described}:

It’s pretty rare {for me personally} to {visit a} small-cap company with positive {net gain}. With revenues also above $8 million, {it had been} clear {that} company actually has and sells {a genuine} product. For once, I wasn’t {attempting to} {purchase a} blatant pump.

From there, I looked {by way of a} few {other activities} {to obtain a} clearer picture of {the essential} side. I looked back at {the prior} three quarterly reports to see what revenues and {net gain} {appeared as if}. I quickly scanned twitter and the Ihub {forum} to see if anyone had anything intelligent {to state} {concerning the} company (and ignored the “TO THE MOOOOON” garbage {everywhere}). {Several} quick highlights of things I noticed:

– Revenues were steadily increasing every quarter, {therefore the} {latest} quarterly statement obviously wasn’t a one-hit wonder.
– {Net gain} was improving every quarter, and {the largest} expense, “Selling general, and administrative” was holding steady at around $4 million each quarter.
– On twitter, {I came across} a {reference to} their earnings conference call {plus some} things discussed {inside it}. {Rather than} taking the tweeter’s word {for this}, {I came across} it and listened for myself.
– The conference call discussed {the way the} remainder {of these} convertible debt {have been} eliminated.
– The presentation slides discussed how distribution channels increasing was why revenues were increasing. {This is} another reason {never to} think {it had been} {only a} “lucky quarter.”
– The conference call discussed plans to uplist to {a significant} exchange late {this season}

Hopefully, {right now} {it is possible to} understand {a little bit of} why I was impressed. {This is} {nothing beats} the 99% of the OTC trash {I} trade, {this is} {a genuine} company with real things going on, breaking to new multi-year highs. But I didn’t drink the kool-aid yet; there still was {a very important factor} that concerned me, {the marketplace} cap valuation.

9. You don’t {need to} bet big {to be able to} win on plays {such as this}, it’s fine {to start out} small and Tim Grittani and I actually agree it’s {Easier to} start with {a little} account {initially} and practice before risking any {a lot of money} until you’re confident and {more comfortable with} these crazy stocks’ volatility…see a video we recently did in Bali discussing this:

10. Wins {such as this} $200,000+ profit, or Tim G.’s last $200,000 profit {as well as} the multiple $100,000+ and $200,000+ profits I’ve made and detailed {listed below are} awesome to hopefully {motivate you} and {demonstrate} what’s possible {in the event that you} study and work hard enough in this game, {and also have} enough patience {to undergo} the {good and the bad}, and {study from} both {to be able to} get enough experience {so that you can} eventually trade with size, but {usually do not} feel bad about trading with {a little} account…we all start somewhere {& most} of my top trading challenge students began with {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} thousand dollars and that small starting amount forced them {to essentially} learn and optimize their trading rules and plans {to be able to} have {an improved} chance at growing their account exponentially!**

And {you should}, please do leave a comment below and tell me {everything you} think {the very best} lessons from Tim G’s latest $200,000+ profit are?**

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