How To Setup A Keyword News Alert In Equity Feed!

How To Setup A Keyword News Alert In Equity Feed!

How Keyword & News Alerts Can Improve Your Trading Strategies And Quadruple Your Income

When it comes to being successful in trading stocks, it all comes down to being at the right place at the right time. More specifically, it is all about trading that perfect stock at the right time.

Successful penny stock traders in particular do not get attached to the popular & hot stock picks out there; instead they follow their own proven to work recipe on how to make money with penny stocks. This all ends up being super important, as some stocks may only present the trader with a few trading opportunities for the whole year, meaning penny stock and day traders are constantly having to update their stock alert lists.

Good Penny Stock traders will typically research and do some homework on a particular setup for sometimes months before the stock’s run actually starts. If you end up taking a manual approach to this whole process, you’ll end up wasting unnecessary time that should be used for other endeavors. Here in this post, I will be discussing how a penny stock trader (you) can setup keyword and trade alerts in order to save time and to not miss important penny stocks trading opportunities. Let’s get started.

First Of all, What is a Penny Stock Keyword Or Trading Alert?

A penny stock keyword or trading alert is able to provide you with a notification when a certain set of criteria that you have entered into the Equity Feed system has been triggered. In the program, you can set all sorts of triggers and alerts. Audio alerts, popup alerts as well as email alerts.

Here are some ideas on what Equity Feed can do.

The different alerts outlined below allow for you to setup  a few different scenarios:

  • The Stock’s Price change (example,  the stock end ups hitting an $X price)
  • Penny Stock Percentage changes (example, the stock is up over 30%)
  • Penny Stock Volume Spike (The stock’s volume is over 100 million in shares traded)
  • News (i.e. a company releases news or filings) – This is the one that we are looking for.
  • And many more setups!

These Penny Stock Trade alerts allow for you to stay ahead of the competition and on top of your trades without having the need to constantly stare at your computer’s screen for hours. Get rid of the huge penny stock watch list(s) and get your hands on Equity Feed (14 day trial) <<<—– Click Here.

Create a Keyword Alert That Will Let You Know Once Your Chosen Penny Stock Company Announces News

It is very important that penny stock traders stay up to date on stock company news that may affect the price of the stock in the coming days. If you are in a stock and want to make sure that you are not losing money (or a stock that is on your watch list), you’ll definitely want to learn more about the company and what they are doing in terms of news, press releases, company updates or any significant company reports. It can be very tedious to have to scroll through hundreds and thousands of news stories from the many hundreds of different penny stocks out there. Keyword and News Alerts can most definitely simplify the whole process.

Simply setup your keywords or news alerts for any penny stock ticker and you’ll potentially never miss out a penny stock runner again.

Alright, So How To Setup Penny Stock Keyword, News & Trade Alerts

Setting trade alerts in EquityFeed is simple.

How To Setup A Keyword News Alert In Equity Feed - EquityFeed Alerts

Start by navigating to the Personal Alerts tool.

You’ll find sections for both Trade Alerts and News Alerts.

Setting Up a Trade Alert

  1. Enter a ticker
  2. Choose which type of alert you’d like to set
  3. Add any additional comments
  4. Choose your notification type
  5. Add to your alerts list

Setting Up a News Alert

  1. Enter a ticker
  2. Choose which type of news your interested in
  3. Add any additional comments
  4. Choose your notification type
  5. Add to your alerts list

If you like what you see and would like to try the Equity Feed Platform for 14 days, please click on the link on the right: Equity Feed (14 day trial) <<<—– Click Here.

You gotta ask yourself, do you want to follow the crowd, or make your own waves? As they say, if the crowd says; “do this – you should always do the exact opposite”.

Thank you, and as always; please leave us a note if you have any questions.


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