How to make money from the general election

How to make money from the general election

Working at a polling station during the upcoming general election is the perfect money-making opportunity for students. Find out what you need to do to earn up to £250 for one day’s work!
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Ever thought of putting yourself forward for a one-off day job working at your local polling station on voting day?

If you’ve got a friendly and professional manner and fancy yourself a good communicator, this could be the perfect way to earn some quick cash.

All you need to do is reach out to your local council to let them know you’re interested and make yourself free for the day – there could be up to £250 up for grabs!

What does a Poll Clerk do?

Essentially, a Poll Clerk’s job is to assist in the general running of voting day, and being a point of contact for any questions voters might have.

If you’ve ever been to a polling station to vote, you’ll be familiar with Poll Clerks. They’re the people who greet you as you arrive to vote, issue your ballot paper and tick your name off their list of local registered voters.

They’re also in charge of setting up voter booths and ensuring they provide complete privacy for each voter.

If you’re working as a poll clerk, you’ll often be given the opportunity to count votes late into the evening too (which can involve a higher pay-out).

Applying to work as a Poll Clerk

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The application process to work as a poll clerk is pretty straight forward, but the key is to get in there nice and early, as positions tend to fill up quickly!

You can apply to work as a poll clerk as long as you are:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Able to read and write
  • On the electoral roll
  • Not a member of any political party.

If you’re not already on the electoral roll, get registered now! Not only do you need this in order to vote yourself, but not being registered also means you won’t have a credit rating – which is really important when it comes to just about anything money-related in your life.

Find out how to check your credit score for free, plus tips on how to improve your rating in our guide.

How to apply

To apply, your first step would be to try Googling your local council to find contact details of their Electoral Registration and Elections Office.

You can then either call them or send an email enquiring if there are any stations looking for poll clerks. They’ll then send you out an application or point you in the direction of an online version if there’s one available.

Again – bear it in mind that places fill up fast, so it’s worth getting on this now if you fancy a gig working the upcoming general election!

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