Fancy serial numbers: Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions about your fancy serial number. Here are some answers …

Here are answers to common questions I get about fancy serial number billsAfter publishing hundreds and hundreds of articles here, these articles on fancy serial numbers and currency errors have been some of the most popular:

I get a lot of questions about particular serial numbers and errors, both in the comment sections of those posts and through my contact form.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding fancy serial numbers, along with answers and resources.

I have a $1 bill with [serial number]. Is it worth anything?

It’s definitely worth at least $1.

That’s the great thing about hunting for fancy serial numbers. The worst that can happen is that you have spendable cash!

It could be worth more than that.

I have a $1 bill with [serial number]. Is it worth more than $1?

It could be worth more than a buck to someone. (I hope it is. It’s fun when that happens!)

If your serial number is similar to one mentioned in the top section of this post, then there’s a great chance it’s worth more than a dollar. If it’s similar to one in the second section, then there’s a fair-to-good chance it’s worth more than a dollar.

If it’s not really well-described by anything on that post, then a couple of things can happen.

You may have a bill that someone’s interested in, but you’ll need to find a good story for the bill, and market it a bit more. I sold one bill with five 7’s in it. I’m working to sell a couple of other bills that have numbers associated with pop culture, hoping that it will be a fun gift for someone with that interest.

If after all of this, there’s not even a mediocre story for the bill, then it’s a spender: Your dollar is worth a dollar. At least you didn’t lose any money!

I have a $1 bill with [serial number]. Can you tell me what it’s worth?

This is a very frequently asked question, and I finally have an answer that’s fair to everyone.

I have my ebook available, Fancy Serial Numbers for Fun and Profitwhich will tell you pretty much everything I know about the subject (and will give you what you need to answer the question comfortably yourself).

If you just want to know what I think your bill might be worth, then I’ll gladly do it for the price of a decent cup of coffee.

Barring that, you’re welcome to look through the comments on the posts at the top of this article to get some sense of whether or not your bill is worth trying to sell.

And, I’ll be happy to appreciate, oooooh, and aaaaah at your serial number for free!

I have a $1 bill with [serial number]. Are you interested in buying it?

Not at this time.

I have this bill and it looks like an error because [description].

It’s difficult to appreciate an error bill with just a text description. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

As such, I have set up a Facebook Group that you’re welcome to join and upload pictures of your error bills (or fancy serial number bills)!

Check it out here!

My question isn’t covered here, and I want an answer.

Shoot me a message and I’ll try to answer!


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