TOP Ways To Make Money From Home

How To Make Money Online

Are you looking to start a work from 🏠 (home) business but don’t have the slightest idea of where to begin? Not a problem at all, this is where we come in with our “Ultimate Guide To Working From Home”.  With this guide, you can work from from anywhere, you can even work from home in South Africa if you wanted to.

If you are interested in how to work from home, then read on. This guide will start with very basic topics and slowly build into the more advanced stuff.

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Alright, if you are still with me; Let’s begin.

The Basics

1. Become Determined To Start Working From Home

This question may sound silly to some, but I do really have to ask it.  Coming from my own experience with working with others, discussing certain work from home ideas and what not; I have come to find out that most people out there are happy with where they are, and will not take the necessary steps to try and improve their situation. Work from home.

To me, this type of behavior doesn’t make sense. If you are presented with an opportunity to better your life, why would you not take it?

Well, the fact that you are here on this page now, trying to at least learn some of the methods that I’m about to show you, shows me that you are willing to dedicate some time to this all.

2. I Already Have a Full Time Job & Have No Free time

if you have a full time job and want to begin working from home, you need to understand that this is a commitment and that you might end up having to work some extra hours every night after you come home from work.

There is no way around this, you just have to be aware that this is how things work. Just dedicate yourself, and you will get to where you’re trying to go. One hour a night, maybe even two, but definitely try to spend as much of your free time as you can to start making money from home.

Substitute TV time and other fun times with things that will help you improve your life. Look at how to guides like this one, search the World Wide Web for more information, watch tutorial videos, take a class and expand your knowledge.

The more you know, the further you will get.


3. Create a Plan To Become Successful At Working From Home

The ultimate guide to working from home is laying out the steps on how to make money from home. Now, it is up to you to write down your own goals and to figure out what exactly you’re trying to achieve.

Think deeply into where you’re trying to be in the next 1, 5 or even 10 years. Then, write this down on a piece of paper. Once you have them down on a piece of paper, go ahead and write down some smaller steps and how you you will be able to achieve these bigger goals. Feel free to search Google for some ideas on how to put together goals. Basically, the idea is to break these bigger goals down into smaller ones.

4. What Type Of Online Money Making Work Suits Me Best?

When it comes to working from home, there are a variety of jobs that you can do and many different paths that you can take to achieve success. You can become a freelance writer, you can become a stock trader, you can own your own website, you can become a blogger, you can create YouTube videos and achieve success that way, you can become a data analyst working from home, you can do data entry from home, you can become a customer service agent working from home, and many others. Think on this a little bit. Work from home in South Africa

Advanced Topics

1. Create a Digital Course

It seems like digital video, audio or written courses are everywhere today! So, if you have valuable knowledge that someone would pay for, this could be a great option.

In addition to having your own video, audio or written courses, learning platforms such as BitDegree offer a chance to become an instructor. It’s a unique opportunity to pass your skills and experience to thousands of people ea to learn about new technologies. Make income on the internet by becoming an instructor and producing on the internet educational video, audio or written courses

work from home in South Africa - Create a Digital Course

Digital video, audio or written courses can be produced in a lot of different formats, from simple PDF downloads, all the way up to self-produced video video, audio or written courses that have dozens of hours of content. Creating on the internet video, audio or written courses can be very powerful path. Since it’s under your control, there’s no limit to how much income you can make. Work from home

Like most other techniques on this list, digital video, audio or written courses can be integrated into most styles of websites including Blog (Web Log)s, eCommerce sites, and even affiliate sites. If you’re looking to create a digital course, but haven’t settled on your topic it’s a good idea to poll your audience. Often, they can tell you exactly what they’d like to learn and would be willing to pay for.

For example, the on the internet course Learn Scrivener Fast is completely dedicated to helping writers learn the ins and outs of the application Scrivener. The creator of this course, Joseph Michael, uncovered the need by reading the comments on Michael Hyatt’s Blog (Web Log). And it has since grown into a six-figure business!

2. Begin An Affiliate Website

Showcasing product and/or services and/or services can be a great way to earn revenue stream. You can even begin doing it here on Hosting by becoming an affiliate!

Make income on the internet by becoming a Hosting affiliate. An affiliate site is created upon recommending or reviewing certain product and/or services and/or services. Then, when a reader buys that product and/or service through your link, you’ll receive a commission. Although it might not seem like a big revenue stream generator, there are multi-million dollar sites based on affiliate revenue stream alone. For example, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income generates a large chunk of his monthly income through affiliate marketing. Work from home in South Africa

You might also be familiar with the site the WireCutter. Essentially, this site is a huge product and/or service review site. This model can be very financial profitable as the WireCutter was recently purchased by the New York Times for $30 million. When creating an affiliate site you can base your revenue stream on recommending and reviewing product and/or services and/or services. Or, you can integrate affiliate marketing into an existing Blog (Web Log) by showcasing resources you recommend. Work from home.

For example, let’s say you have a site that’s dedicated to helping lose stubborn belly fat. You could create posts that review relevant product and/or services and/or services and supplements, and every time you mention the product and/or service, include an affiliate link.

3. Resell Web Hosting

Re-seller hosting is another great way to make income on the internet.

work from home in South Africa - sell webhosting

Make income on the internet with reseller hosting. The basic idea of reseller hosting is providing a dedicated server space, which you can use to create your very own web hosting brand. It allows you to:

Create cPanel-powered web hosting accounts;

Set custom resource limits (disk space, bandwidth, and similar);

Conveniently manage all accounts using WHM.

Since cPanel is the best known tool to manage a hosting account, it will be easy to attract new users. The server uptime is also monitored by an in-house administrator team, which ensures good uptime and availability. Last but not least, a dedicated 24/7 support staff will be there to help with all your questions and queries. The following perks will let you focus on user acquisition, rather than the technical aspects of server management.

If you’re familiar with how web hosting works, repackaging and selling it will be a walk in the park. Who knows, you may become one of the web hosting giants if you put enough effort!

4. Create an eCommerce Website

eCommerce sites have been exploding in popularity in recent years. With the prevalence of platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce, creating an eCommerce site couldn’t be easier.

Make income on the internet with ecommerce websites. If you prefer dealing with physical product and/or services and/or services and packaging and selling something tangible, then opening up an eCommerce on the internet store could be a great fit. There are two different techniques of running a successful on the internet on the internet store:

Creating and packaging and selling a niche physical product and/or service to a dedicated group of buyers. Purchasing cheaper goods manufactured in foreign countries, repackaging them, and packaging and selling them at a markup. The first approach can be very successful, but it does require a passion for the product and/or service and the willingness to do a ton of research, product and/or service development, and testing.

But, the huge success of on the internet on the internet stores like SkinnyMe Tea, BeardBrand, and Ratio Coffee show that you can reach the heights of success with your eCommerce on the internet store. If the first approach seems a little risky for your first on the internet business, then you might consider the second option of repackaging and selling popular overseas product and/or services and/or services. This technique involves sourcing a popular product and/or service from a platform like AliExpress, repacking the product and/or service, and packaging and selling it through your own on the internet storefront. Work from home in South Africa

Beyond packaging and selling the right product and/or services and/or services you’ll also need to think about how you’re going to ship your product and/or services and/or services. You can personally handle shipping and order fulfillment yourself. Or, you can employ a popular technique called drop shipping, where the manufacturer handles it for you.

5. Make Income With an Awesome Blog (Web Log)

A lot of people begin a Blog (Web Log) as a way to express their views or as a creative outlet. Yet, there are many times of people not only earning a living from their Blog (Web Log)s but even turning them into huge companies, like the Huffington Post. Make income on the internet by creating Blog (Web Log)s. Not every Blog (Web Log) will hit these numbers, but if you take the right approach you have a solid chance of earning income with your Blog (Web Log). With a Blog (Web Log), it’s of the utmost importance to have a long-term goal. You won’t make income right away. But, as your writing skill improves, your skills grow, and your site picks up more traffic, it’s a definite possibility.

If your goal is to begin a Blog (Web Log) that makes you income, here are some points to keep in mind:

Choose a classic topic like health, finance, relationships, hobbies, or personal growth;

Always aim to try and create the best resource on any given topic;

Learn about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZING and ranking your site in the search engines;

Connect with popular Blog (Web Log)s and other influencers in your space.

The above points will help you get going in the right direction. Once you have an authoritative Blog (Web Log) that gets a large volume of traffic you’ll have many ways to monetize your site like:

Paid advertising and marketing;

Packaging and selling your own video, audio or written courses and product and/or services and/or services; Work from home.

Packaging and selling affiliate product and/or services and/or services;

And much more!

Most of the techniques of making income from a website can all apply to a popular Blog (Web Log) you’ve created.

6. Create a Membership Site

Membership sites have exploded in popularity recently. The idea is easy enough to implement. But, it does require having an existing audience of some sort.

Make income on the internet with membership websites

For example, Mark Manson runs a popular self-development Blog (Web Log). On his site, there’s a membership portion that gives users access to on the internet video, audio or written courses, videos, and additional article commentary. For fans of his work, it’s a great deal. Work from home in South Africa

People are already visiting your website because they like what you write about and how you write it. So, you create a membership part of your site that has premium content that sits behind a paywall.

Now, every single person who visits your site won’t take you up on the offer, but your dedicated fans will find it irresistible.

The type of membership site you create will depend upon the kind of site you run and the level of depth you want to go with your premium content.

7. Sell Advertising and marketing Space

Make income on the internet with advertising and marketing

We’ve all seen sites that use advertising and marketing throughout their content. Sometimes the ads are intrusive, but other times they integrate naturally with the content.

Monetizing your site via advertising and marketing is usually reserved for when your site is receiving a large volume of traffic. But, if your traffic numbers are high and only continue to grow, then this option could be worth exploring.

The amount you’ll get paid will depend upon the connect, but usually, you’ll get paid based upon the number of impressions or clicks.

There are many different ad connects to choose from. Work from home.

Google Adsense is probably the connect you’re most familiar with. With Google AdSense, you apply to the connect, and once you’re approved you can begin adding ads to your site. Typically, the payout for Adsense ads won’t be great unless your traffic is in the millions of visitors per month.

There are other ad connects like Ezoic and Both of which have an approval process and site evaluation. These connects also have the benefit of working with you to optimize your advertising and marketing revenue stream.

If you don’t want to work with an ad connect you also have the ability to sell advertising and marketing yourself. If you have a niche audience, this can be a pretty lucrative option. Let’s say you have a site dedicated to sleep optimization. Instead of using one of the ad connects above you could sell ad space to large mattress companies.

You also have one final option of creating sponsored content. This is where a company will pay you to create sponsored content and you post the content on your site. Sites like Buzzfeed and Millo have taken this approach.

8. Email Marketing

If you’ve been on the internet for any time at all, then you’ve heard the expression, “the income is in the list”. This expression couldn’t be truer.

Make income on the internet with email marketing

The sooner you begin, the more people you will reach!

Think about how many emails you get in your inbox every single day. A lot of these are probably from email newsletters you’ve signed up for. Some you can’t wait to open every day, while others – you wonder how you got on their list.

Creating a niche email newsletter can be a great way to reach a targeted group of people and create a solid and sustainable business. Million dollar businesses like The Skimm have been created on the back of a daily email newsletter.

work from home in South Africa - email marketing

Best of all, beginning an email newsletter doesn’t have to be difficult. With tools like ConvertKit, Drip, MailChimp, and Aweber, it’s never been easier.

Here’s the process for you to follow:

Decide upon a niche you’d like to serve, and the style of your emails;

Choose an email marketing provider;

Create a simple landing page and drive traffic to that page;

Send regular emails to that list.

The goal of your email list is to create trust, so they open your emails every day. Work from home.

Once you have a sizeable list that opens your emails you have multiple ways to monetize that list like:

Packaging and selling your own digital product and/or services and/or services;

Offering a membership course;

Sending your subscribers to affiliate offers;

Packaging and selling sponsorships;

9. Create a Subscription Work Board

Work boards can be a pretty lucrative way to earn a living with your website.

The process is simple. People looking to hire someone in a specific niche will post a work listing on your site and your visitors will apply for the work.

Make income on the internet with a work listing website

You can either charge people to post work listings. Or, you could charge your visitors a monthly membership fee to access the work board.

Keep in mind that you do need to have decent traffic in order for this to work. A company won’t pay to post a work on your site if you aren’t sending any qualified applicants their way.

For example, let’s look at the ProBlog (Web Log) Work Board. Here companies and individuals will pay a fee to post a work listing on the site. Then, it’s entirely free for anyone to access and apply for the work. Since ProBlog (Web Log) is an authority site with a large audience, businesses who post a work will get hundreds of applications for each listing. Work from home in South Africa

When creating a work board make sure you have a solid audience that has a synergy with companies in your space.

10. Become a Freelance Writer

If you like stringing words together, then making income as a writer can be a great way to get begined earning income on the internet.

Even with no experience you can begin making income as a writer pretty quickly.

The first step is establishing your niche and deciding on the type of writing skill you’ll take on, for example:

Will you create in-depth Blog (Web Log) posts for SaaS sites?

How about website copy for real estate agents?

Or sales emails for health and fitness websites?

There’s a near endless supply of content that needs writing skill. Your big decision is what kind of writer will you be?

Once you’ve discovered your niche it’s time to create some samples and begin pitching clients.

The fastest approach is using freelancing platforms to find relevant clients. However, you can also create a few samples, upload them to sites like Medium, or LinkedIn.

If you’re serious about becoming a freelance writer, then check out the resources below:

27 More to List…  Please Continue Reading Below.

11. Sell Your Website

The final way to make income from your website is to sell it!

Depending on your site this can be a pretty lucrative option. Although it probably won’t make you wealthy, it can result in a pretty nice lump of cash.

Make income on the internet by packaging and selling websites

On average your site will sell for a multiple of your monthly income. The multiple will depend on a variety of factors, but you can usually expect to sell for anything from a 12x to 30x multiple. Work from home.

The following factors will influence the packaging and selling multiple:

The age of your site;

Your domain authority;

How much traffic your site receives;

How much financial gain you generate;

Your revenue stream diversification;

The steadiness of your revenue stream;

Whether your site is growing or stagnating.

If you’re curious how much sites will generally sell for, then spend some time browsing through the Empire Flipper listings.

When you’re thinking about packaging and selling your site make sure you weigh the pros and cons between getting an influx of cash and losing a side income stream you’ve worked hard to create.

How to Make Income On the internet Without a Website

Creating a financial profitable website is a great way to create a long-term income on the internet. But, there are still ways you can begin making income on the internet without having to create a website.

Keep reading to learn over 20 different ways you can begin earning income without a website.

12. Publish Kindle Books

Today is the best time in history to become an author. If you’ve been dreaming about writing skill books for a living, then your dream could be closer than you think. The self-publishing revolution has made it possible for anyone to make a living by publishing books.

Make income on the internet by publishing kindle books

Since there’s a lower barrier to entry, this also means more competition. But, by writing skill the best book possible, and satisfying reader expectations, you can increase your chances of success.

work from home - Publish Kindle Books - LearnedGold.Com

When publishing your own Kindle books, every aspect of the publishing process is under your control. This means you’re responsible for writing skill, editing, formatting, getting a cover, uploading it to Amazon, writing skill your book description, and marketing it. Work from home in South Africa

But, for all that extra work you get a big slice of the pie. Depending on your book’s price point, you can get as much as 70% of each sale.

Here are some points to improve your success as a self-published author:

Do your market research. Make sure there’s a viable book market that isn’t too competitive but still has readers. Work from home.

Write the best book possible and invest in a professional editor.

Invest in a super high quality cover and book description. These two elements work to sell your books.

Publish your books in a series and aim to dominate a given market.

Your success as an author is entirely under your control. Write the best book possible and create an email list of your ideal readers. The more you publish, the more you’ll learn, and the more income you can make.

13. Sell Your Services

Packaging and selling services from your website is one of the fastest ways to make a financial gain.

There are two different approaches to packaging and selling your services:

Create an Educational Blog (Web Log) and Offer Your Services

Create a niche Blog (Web Log) that contains useful information about a certain topic. Let’s say you have a Blog (Web Log) about holistic wellness, and you’ve created a decent sized email list, or get solid traffic numbers.

You can add a services page to your site where you offer health coaching, whether in person or through mediums like Skype.

Create a Basic Website and Pitch Your Services

The other technique involves creating a website for the sole purpose of pitching your services to companies and individuals.

Let’s say you want to be a freelance writer.

You choose a niche and create your website. Then, you create a few pages telling people who you are, the services you provide and showtime a few samples of your work.

Then, you begin generating leads for your new service business by doing things like guest Blog (Web Log)ging, podcast interviews, or cold outreach.

If you’re looking to take your service-based business to new heights, then combining the two techniques will give you great results.

14. Freelance on Sites Like Upwork

There are a ton of freelance sites full of hungry clients who are looking for someone with your skillset. There’s more need for freelancers than any time in history.

Make income on the internet by freelancing

Some of the most popular freelancing sites include:





To have success on these platforms it’s of the utmost importance to establish a niche. The worst thing you can do as a freelancer is brand yourself as a generalist. Since the competition is so high, you’ll want to brand yourself as the only solution to a specific type of client. Work from home.

For example, are you a WordPress developer for SaaS companies, a cryptocurrency writer, or a beginup founder ghostwriter?

With your niche established it’s time to create out your profile, create some relevant samples that show off your skills, and begin pitching.

If you’re serious about making a living on platforms like Upwork, then spend some time digging through the site Freelance to Win. This site is dedicated to helping you become a highly paid freelancer.

15. Buy and Sell Websites

The process of buying and packaging and selling websites is like the process of flipping homes. You buy a home that has untapped potential, fix it up, and sell it for a financial gain.

Make income on the internet by buying and re-packaging and selling websites

The process is pretty straightforward. But, just know that there is risk involved. So, don’t invest income in a site you can’t afford to lose.

Here’s how you buy and sell sites for a financial gain:

You find an cheap website that you know you can improve. Check out marketplaces like Empire Flippers, Flippa, and We Sell Your Site.

Do your site research to uncover revenue stream and traffic numbers, link profile, and the real reasons for packaging and selling the site.

If it checks out, purchase the site. Work from home.

Make site improvements to maximize its traffic and revenue stream.

Sell the site for a financial gain!


Knowing how to rank websites is a very financial profitable skill.

As long as people continue to use the search engines, then there will be a need for people that know SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZING.

In fact, you can get pretty good at SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZING, by reading some of the top Blog (Web Log)s out there today. Work from home in South Africa

Once you understand what it takes to rank a website it’s time to put your skills to the test. It does help to create a website where you can test your new SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZING knowledge, but it’s not a necessity.

work from home - Search Engine Optimization

In fact, you can begin getting clients right away.

The first approach involves using freelance sites like Upwork and

Or, you can also pitch your services to local businesses who are looking to rank in the search engines.

17. Sell Stock Photos and Footage

Make income on the internet with stock images

If you love to take pictures or recording footage, then you can make income off this passion. Work from home.

There are tons of sites that allow you to upload your stock photos and footage. These sites have huge user bases, and when someone licenses your photo, you get paid.

Some of the biggest stock photography websites include:



If you’re a videographer, then some of the top sites are:





When creating your stock portfolio, spend some time browsing through the marketplaces above to find the most popular styles.

Then, create your own niche and upload as often as possible. The lar your portfolio the greater your chances of success.

Beyond making income with your photos and videos, using these sites can help to create a fanbase for your work as well.

18. Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been exploding in the past few years. Chances are cryptocurrency came on your radar last year with the huge Bitcoin peak. But, even if you didn’t invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a few years ago, it isn’t too late.

Make income on the internet with cryptocurrencies

BitDegree offers a wide variety of beginner-friendly cryptocurrency tutorials

By investing today you can still take advantage of being an early adopter.

Investing in cryptocurrency is a lot like any other form of investing, and there will be some risks involved. But, by taking the time to educate yourself you can make some sound investments that’ll pay off in the long-run. Work from home.

The first step in your cryptocurrency adventure is to get your knowledge and skills up to speed. Bitdegree is a great resource that’s full of useful tutorials and video, audio or written courses that’ll get your cryptocurrency knowledge up to speed.

There are multiple approaches to earning income off cryptocurrency including:

Investing in coins before they IPO, or grow in value

Learning how to program and work with blockchain

Become a cryptocurrency writer

Getting a work at a cryptocurrency beginup

Since cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are still in their infancy, it’s a great time to learn the necessary skills to position yourself for future success.

19. Sell Your Crafts on Etsy

Do you consider yourself a crafty person? If you specialize in making handcrafted goods, then you could make a nice living packaging and selling these goods on the internet.

Make income on the internet with Etsy. Work from home.

Etsy is one of the biggest platforms for packaging and selling your crafts, from unique iPhone times, to brackets, rings, and more.

You can get begined without a website or an on the internet presence. They already have a large audience you can tap into directly. Plus, if you develop enough traction, then you can always transition over to your own self-hosted eCommerce on the internet store in the future.

To increase your chances of success keep the followings points in mind:

Do your research to make sure there’s an existing need for your creations on Etsy.

Consider how much time it takes to make each item. Is your time and material cost worth the price you’re charging?

Think about what makes your product and/or service stand out? You’ll want to have a unique style, while still hitting the expectations of your buyers.

20. Sell Your Product and/or services and/or services on Amazon (FBA)

Amazon is one of the biggest on the internet retailers, with over a billion product and/or services and/or services currently listed on the site.

We already mentioned creating a niche eCommerce on the internet store above, and this approach is similar, but the core focus is on using the Amazon platform.

With this approach, you find product and/or services and/or services that are packaging and selling well on Amazon, and you source cheaper versions of those product and/or services and/or services. Then, you add your own branding and re-sell the product and/or services and/or services. Work from home in South Africa

You have the opportunity to sell these product and/or services and/or services yourself or work with a manufacturer who will customize these product and/or services and/or services and dropship them to your buyers.

21. Begin a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the planet’s largest search engines. But, instead of searching for websites, people are looking for entertaining, fun, or informative videos.

Make income on the internet with YouTube. Work from home.

You can monetize your YouTube channel by using their advertising and marketing system or sending your viewers to a website you’ve monetized in another way.

You can think of creating a YouTube channel in a similar fashion to creating a website, except you’re creating video, not written content.

If you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and want to try your luck creating videos, then you’ll need to figure out what your channel will be about. Typically, there are two types of YouTube channels out there (that are successful at least):

Entertaining content. This style includes things like web series, comedy videos, pranks, reviews, video game walkthroughs, and a lot more.

Educational content. This style is more geared towards, ‘how to’ phrases. For example, ‘how to do SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZING’. Or, ‘how to create a tomato garden’. If you have useful skills or information you want to convey through the video, then this is a solid option for you. Work from home.

Once you’ve decided what kind of channel you’re going to begin, it’s time to begin creating. First, you’ll need to create a YouTube channel and think of a catchy name. Then, keep the following points in mind:

Use a super high quality camera to record your videos;

Experiment with different styles, formats, and editing techniques until you find one that gets traction;

Optimize your video titles, descriptions, and images to get people to click;

Create a consistent video publishing schedule, so followers know when to expect your content.

22. Become a Social media manager

If you’re great at planning and organization, then becoming a social media manager could work for you. A social media manager could be responsible for a wide range of tasks. For example, you could do general book keeping, data entry, email management, research, and a lot more. Work from home in South Africa

Becoming a social media manager can be a great way to not only grow your income but connect with of the utmost importance people as well. Not only that, but the market and need for VAs is exploding.

A lot of business owners are turning to social media managers, instead of hiring a full-time staff member.

You can find social media manager gigs on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and

23. Sell Your Programming Services or Application

Learning how to program can be a very valuable skill. Whether you’re looking to freelance with your skills or develop and create your own application.

When you know how to create application you can do things like creating a consumer application, a niche web or mobile app, or even a mobile game. A lot of very successful businesses have been created on the back of application.

A lot of today’s application is created by large companies. But, if you look through the Google Play or Apple On the internet store, you’ll find that a lot of the most popular apps have been created by people just like you.

If you’re looking to make income off your own application or apps, here’s an approach you can take:

Do market research to uncover a pressing need;

Create an MVP version of the application;

Get some good feedback from initial users and beta testers;

Integrate some good feedback and launch your first version to the planet; Work from home.

Begin marketing your application solution.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out how Nathan Barry founder of ConvertKit was able to grow his application beginup.

If creating and packaging and selling your own application sounds to time-intensive, then you can financial gain off your programming skills right away by freelancing.

Spend some time digging through top freelancing platforms like Upwork and Freelancer and you’ll find a variety of gigs your skills are suited for. Or, you can visit the site, which highlights a variety of remote programming positions you can apply to.

24. Tutor Kids On the internet

Teaching English and tutoring students around the planet is a great way to make income on the internet. If you’re from an English speaking country, then you already have the skills to have success.

You can also obtain an ESL certification to increase your chances of success and getting hired for the work.

Usually, you can make up to $25 an hour tutoring students over Skype.

If this kind of work sounds interesting, then check out sites like:



Chegg Tutors

25. Test Websites and Give Some good feedback

Do you have a good eye for design or what makes a good website or app? If so you can make income on the internet by offering your some good feedback and testing for usability errors.

Make income on the internet by testing apps and websites

If you’ve spent a lot of time on the internet, you probably have a good eye for what works and what doesn’t. For example, is their content unclear? Does the layout confuse you? Is the navigation menu too complex?

There are a number of sites that’ll actually pay you for this some good feedback. Usually, your some good feedback will be verbal, written, or use a screen recording application. Work from home in South Africa

Some of the most common website and app some good feedback sites include:







26. Become a Website Developer

Did you know you can actually get paid to create websites?

work from home

If you don’t have the development skills, then your first step is learning how to code. Once you have the skills, it’s time to begin finding work.

Create a profile on sites like Upwork and Freelancer, and begin pitching works.

To increase your chances of success it can be helpful to create a niche for yourself, and craft your profile and portfolio accordingly. Work from home.

For example, maybe you want to create websites for real estate agents and property management companies. Or, you’d like to specialize in creating eCommerce websites that use WooCommerce and WordPress.

First, make sure there’s a verifiable need. Meaning there’s a lot of works posted for your specific skillset. Then, craft your niche web development business and begin pitching relevant works.

27. Narrate Audiobooks

The audiobook industry continues to grow. It seems more and more people prefer to listen to their content, instead of reading it. Still, most books never make it into audiobook format.

Which is funny, because audiobooks can be very beneficial for authors. Not only will they make more income from their books, but it’ll grow their presence too.

Make income on the internet with audiobook narration

If you have a great voice, and love reading, then becoming an audiobook narrator could be in your future.

One of the easiest ways to get begined is by signing up for ACX. This service connects audiobook narrators with authors. Work from home.

Beyond signing up for the service above, you’ll also need to invest in super high quality microphone and recording application, and create some samples that show off your vocal skills.

If you want to expand your reach, you can also create a profile on Upwork and pitch audiobook narration works that you come across.

28. Become a Graphic Designer

If you have design chops, or you’ve always loved playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator, then you can use these skills to make some additional income on the internet.

You can use the freelance platforms above, create a profile, and begin pitching, or you can test your skills on a platform like 99Designs. On this site, you’ll compete with other designers for certain projects. If the client likes your design, then you’ll get the project and begin working.

Another way to get clients as a graphic designer is to go offline. Go to your local chamber of commerce, or spend some time walking around your town. Chances are you’ll see plenty of businesses who are in need of your graphic design skills. Whether it’s for a new logo, a brochure, or even company uniforms.

Another great local approach is going to your local co-working space. These are usually filled with beginups and other companies who are in need of the design skills you have.

29. Become an Instagram Influencer

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there. But, did you know you can make income directly from Instagram, just by having a big enough following?

It’s becoming more difficult to create a large following on Instagram, but it can be a pretty easy way to make a nice living on the internet. Large brands and other companies will actually pay you just to do a post about their company, or showtime one of their product and/or services and/or services. Work from home.

Usually, how much you make per post will depend on the size of your following, and how engaged they are. But, you can expect to earn anywhere from a couple hundred to multiple thousands of dollars per post.

Creating a sizable Instagram audience will take time, but if you love taking photos, don’t mind spending a lot of time on your phone, and are dedicated to posting regularly, then it’s worth a shot. Work from home in South Africa

30. Buy and Sell Domain Names

We mentioned flipping websites above. But, did you know you can also flip domain names in the same way?

Make income on the internet with domain names

Buying and packaging and selling domain names for a markup is also known as domain flipping. You buy a domain name for a lower price, markup the domain, and see it for a higher fee. Work from home.

Here’s a more in-depth overview of the process:

Use tools like Just Dropped and purchase unique domain names

Re-list the domain names

Wait for buyers

Sell and financial gain

Some people have been able to make hundreds or thousands of dollars per year employing this exact strategy. And you can begin doing it here on Hosting with our domain checker!

31. Manage Social Media Accounts

All of us are active on social media these days. But, did you know you could earn a living managing social media accounts?

If you’re already a social media power user, then you’re a step ahead. It’ll be much easier for you to convey your expertise and convince others to manage their accounts for a fee.

If you’re not, don’t worry.

There are a ton of educational resources like the Hootsuite Academy, which will educate you about the ins and outs of social media. Work from home.

Once your knowledge is up to speed, it’s time to head back to the freelancing sites like Upwork and Freelancer to begin pitching works.

If you’re looking to increase your chances of landing clients, you can use what you’ve learned to both brand and grow your social media management company.

32. Create a Podcast

If you’re drawn to speaking and sharing opinions, or love to conduct interviews, then podcasting can be a great medium for you to explore. The podcast market is exploding right now, which is a good thing.

Listeners love the portability of podcasts, and with most of us always on the go, it’s becoming one of the preferred ways to consume content.

To have success with a podcast today you need to create something super high quality. This not only includes the quality of your audio, but also the quality of your content. To begin, you need to invest in a solid microphone setup.

If you’re planning to do interview-style podcasts, then you should begin reaching out to your guests. You might want to do a few mock interviews first with friends or family, so you can get your style down before your first real interview.

To get a better idea of the quality and topics standards in your space spend some time going through the top podcasts on iTunes. Listen to a handful of their episodes and see what quality indicators they have in common. Work from home in South Africa

Do they tell incredible stories?

Do they use humor?

Do they have an interesting perspective?

Do they create unique interviews?

By learning from the best you’ll know what to include and what to avoid as you produce your own episodes.

With podcasting, the amount of income you can generate depends on the size and engagement of your audience. The lar your audience and more podcast downloads you have, the better your chances of earning a decent living.

Here are a few options for you to explore:

Sell your own product and/or services and/or services and services related to the topics you talk about;

Create a membership site or mastermind on the backend of your podcast;

Sell sponsorships, which you read aloud during episodes; Work from home.

Open up your podcast for donations.

33. Create An On the internet Directory

On the internet directories aren’t as popular as they used to be, but they can still be financial profitable.

They work in a similar fashion to the work board above. But, instead of people paying to post works, or get access to the work board, they’ll pay you a monthly fee for a directory listing.

If you have an authoritative site or get a lot of traffic, then these listings are pretty valuable.

Let’s say you run a site that’s dedicated to web development and design. You produce super high quality content and have a solid amount of authority. You could create a directory portion of your site where web developers and agencies can purchase a listing. Work from home in South Africa

This will not only provide them with a solid authoritative backlink, but it could be a nice source of traffic for their business.

Usually, directories work by charging a monthly subscription fee to be listed. You could even charge a premium fee to let businesses list themselves at the top of the directory, getting even more eyeballs on their listing.

34. Sell Your Art and Designs

If you have some design skills, then you can make income packaging and selling your designs. Sites like Society6 make it easy to upload your unique designs and sell them across a variety of items, like phone times, t-shirts, tapestries, and a lot more.

Society6 gives you a chance to make income off your designs, without any income up front.

You create your own shop, upload your designs, and choose which items you’d like them displayed on. Plus, when someone orders an item off your on the internet store it’s shipped to them on-need.

If you have designs that people love, then this can be a pretty passive way make to make income.

35. Do Micro Works

Micro-tasks are tasks that require human intelligence to complete. Even in the age of automation, there are certain tasks that still need a human touch.

These tasks are usually very simple and don’t require any technical skills. For example, you may be asked to review the search results for a given keyword, translate a paragraph into another language, or categorize the tone and feel of an article.

Micro works can be fun to complete and all you need is a computer and internet connection. The best place to sign up for these tasks is through Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Just sign up, create an account, and get paid to complete micro works.

36. Take Surveys On the internet

Taking on the internet surveys probably isn’t the best way to earn an income on the internet. But, if you’re looking for some quick cash and prizes, without having to take time to learn a new skill, then it could be worth considering.

Taking surveys is exactly what it sounds like. You take surveys on the internet and get compensated with cash, coupons, prizes, and gift cards.

Usually, you’ll have to give them your demographic info so they can gain information about your background and interests, but after that, you can begin earning right away. Work from home.

Some of the most popular on the internet survey sites include:


Pinecone Research


Pro Opinion

37. Sell Your Expertise on Clarity.FM

Just like offering freelance services, you can sell your knowledge and advice. If you’re an expert in a certain field, or you have some specialized knowledge then you can financial gain off your expertise.

Plus, you don’t have to go through the added time and effort of creating your own website and platform. Work from home in South Africa

There are sites like Clarity.FM,, and which provide you with a potential connect of clients who are seeking your knowledge.

Your earnings will be limited because you’re directly linked to the clock, but it can be a very fast and effective way to begin earning income on the internet. All you need to do is create an account to begin sharing your knowledge and wisdom with others.

As you can see, there are a ton of different work from home opportunities for you to explore…

Thank you for reading through this long page that is “The Ultimate Guide To Working From Home”.